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Skype for Business

Very Repudable. Easy transition

Seamless transition into skype. we used Communicator before so server migration was seamless also.

Skype for Business

Good user experience, but could use additional formatting options.

Skype for Business is a clean and easy to navigate interface that incorporates into MS Outlook very well. Some additional sorting and status options would be nice to utilise.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business may help replace multiple web and conference solutions

Very responsive. Provide the 90-day training consultation which we are going to take advantage of.

Lync 2010

Implementation took time.

Implementation was tricky but all in all went fairly smoothly.

Skype for Business

Implementation was quite technical and complex. The solution is solid and easy to use

Easy intuitive end user interface. Solution has allowed us to reduce operational costs while providing enhanced collaboration. Additional benefits such as federation with partners, vendors, and customers. Integration with MS Outlook. VOIP cababilities provides us with a connected enterprise.

Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync provides a true solution for organization.

The product and service for Micrsoft Lyncs are outstanding.

Skype for Business

Skype has greatly improved our communication abilities both internally and with customers

Implementing Skype for Business into our organization has improved our communication abilities both internal and with our customers. Having the ability to contact individuals through the Chat has helped in speeding up decisions and lessened time spent on meetings. Having the ability to screen share within our organization and with federated clients has also proven very useful. Employees can also access the Skype application from their mobile devices, which further increased the usefulness. Overall we are very happy with Skype for Business.

Skype for Business

Decent and convenient product because it's part of Office365, but GoToMeeting is better

Most users were already familiar with Skype and Lnc previously so it's not a completely new product that we have to train on. However, the screen sharing and video conferencing abilities don't function with high reliability. Users report not being to see others' screens. Also, the audio conferencing can be buggy - sometimes it asks you for leader passcode, other times it does not. Sometimes, names are announced upon entry, others its the phone number, now it's silent. Often there's more of a lag in screen sharing than we previously saw with GoToMeeting.

Lync 2013

Skype 2013, worth adopting but not quite ready for prime time.

The solution has a lot of nice features but some are not ready for prime time

Lync 2013

Lync's Easy to Use

Lync allows you to easily integrate with Outlook and makes it easy to set up meetings. All on top of their IM service. Very user friendly.