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Wonderful collaboration if starting completely fresh

The MiCollab Client works well and offers a considerable amount of options. This version is cleaning that past versions and offers flexibility. We identified areas that we couldn't immediately use not based upon what software solution can do but rather due to the historical information and methods that the end users have implemented not being inline with how the integration pieces work.


Mitel server, phones and MiCollab app serves us well

Our 3rd party communications solutions provider strongly recommended Mitel, after reviewing our needs and budget. We went IP Telephony, after our old Nortel phone system because too unreliable and difficult to support. It's been a year and a half, and we've been very happy with our Mitel phone system. Not just the server, but the phones and the MiCollab app.


Needs further development

The Micollab software is not fully functional on Iphone 6s phones. It is completely non-functional on Iphone 7.


Implementation was easy and the program is easy to maintain.

The MiCollab Client works great. Our organization uses the Client as a staff communication tool. We have the ability to call, chat, or leave messages with staff through the MiCollab Client. A few of us use the mobile device app. We like this system and have only good things to say about the product.


Smooth implementation - but could benefit with improved training to help transition staff.

Implementation went very smoothly. Transitioning staff to the new technology was the largest challenge


Great in hardware, not so much on software

Great on the hardware side but the software doesn't work within Citrix