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OpenScape Enterprise

Product reliable, but its update is lagging.

The product is reliable and the vendor support is adequate. But the product does not keep up with the evolving industry. Unify OpenScape has an Outlook integration module called Fusion. It's not compatible with Outlook 2016 yet causing some issues. Unify should come up with a patch as soon as possible.

OpenScape Enterprise

Implementation is Complex

The initial implemenation turned out to be plauged with problems. The original version we used (v4) had more bugs than anticipated. We were moving from older TDM OptiPoint phones and there were issues with difference in how things were done that confused some of our user base, especially receptionist type positions. The training we had didn't cover some of these differences. Over time, as we upgraded to v6 and then v8, many of the original issues were resolved. We have had other issues along the way though.

OpenScape Enterprise

Implementation was slower than expected, mainly because lack of WW vendor support and UX.

One of the best on quality of voice, and stability. Downsize is at User Experience, with complicated menus and configuration. UX is a great opportunity for improvement.

OpenScape Enterprise

Unify provides exceptional and compelling benefits to modernizing telephony.

Experienced minor scope creep and delays in the solution implementation due to lack of architectural impact assessment being performed at the onset of engaging the business and the vendor (RFP process).

OpenScape Enterprise

Not a Unified Front