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Barracuda Spam Firewall

Easy implementation of Market Leading spam and email security suite.

Overall setup was a breeze. Setup 2 virtual appliances in datacenters for redundancy fully deployed and functioning on primary domains within 4 hours.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls (F series)

Barracuda Is a Superior Partner

Barracuda was extremely responsive to our organization's needs and efficiently steered us toward a solution that met both functional and budgetary requirements. Barracuda was far more helpful and partnered with us more closely than any other vendor we looked at.


Excellent support, easy setup and management, coupled with good reporting capabilities.

We found Barracuda support and responsiveness helpful and very knowledgeable during the entire process, from evaluation, implementation, and management of the product. No long hold times for contacting support never had to place more than one call for any issue.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls (F series),Barracuda Security Suite,Barracuda Spam Firewall

Product works first time every time

worked flawlessly

Barracuda Spam Firewall

Highly recommend virtual appliance over hardware appliance.

Moved from a failed hardware appliance to a virtual appliance. This has given us much more control over the hardware and allowed us to have redundancy that we did not have before. Everything has worked as intended and no drawbacks.

Barracuda Spam Firewall

Easy implementation, clean interface, reliable product

I've used Barracuda products for many years and I always know what I'm getting. They push out updates when they are ready, not when they think we are expecting them. I don't feel that I have to beta test their products in a production environment.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls (X series)

Firewall works, but not much else... Web Filtering is completely useless.

Having used multiple other Barracuda appliances over the years, I needed to replace my aging Cisco 2800-Series router/firewall with something a little more manageable. At the same time, we needed to implement some web filter to combat employees wasting time on non-business related websites. On paper, the Barracuda Firewall X300 met all the criteria. After consulting with a vendor to confirm what we had read, we went ahead with the purchase. It only went downhill from there. The device is completely backwards and confusing to configure, even compared to a Cisco device. I worked for hours with Barracuda tech support to perform basic configuration tasks that would have only taken minutes on any other router. After implementing the Web Filtering, we found that it cut our Internet bandwidth by 90%, limiting our 100Mbit circuit to 10Mbits, esentially bringing all web browsing to a halt when you have 100+ users online. I worked for over 6 months with Barracuda to resolve this issue and their final response was to throw up their hands and tell me it was never designed to work with that amount of bandwidth, even though it was advertised to. At that point, they told me to have a nice day. Our only option was to completely disable the Web Filtering functionality. As a direct result, my company was later hit with a ransomware virus that caused thousands in damages and lost time. Now, they have also terminated all support for our Barracuda Phone System with absolutely no warning. Never again will I purchase anything from Barracuda.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls (X series)

Works day in and day out - Barracuda Firewall outperforms expectations

This is a solid product that does what it says it will do. Flexible yet stable foundation.

Barracuda Security Suite,Barracuda Spam Firewall

Barracuda does the job!

It is a good product, The vendor is quick to respond but sometimes lack giving you "why this happened" answers.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls (X series)

Great firewall!

Driving factor was great technical support though that has been falling a bit over the last few years. Product is a good blend of features and usability. Steep learning curve, but simple to maintian. GUI driven admin with full access to the device via CLI, including custom scripting.