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Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances, R80 Security Management

Implementation was easy to migrate existing network.

Implementation and support both are very thankful.

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances, Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition (vSEC), R80 Security Management, SandBlast Threat Extraction, SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, Threat Emulation Cloud Service

Central management still wins the day

R80 management while much easier to use still has restricted external vendor support. The gateways still run an older version of software at this point.

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances, Other...

Easy to learn and understand, other tasks can be time consuming or risky

Obtaining support from checkpoint is very quick. The first person who usually answers the phone if the call was routed correctly seems to be able to resolve most issues. Anything that seems to be a bug is usually already fixed with a Jumbo HOTFIX and support usually finds these things out quickly. Overall the software and system reliability for seasoned Checkpoint funtions is very good and reliable. New features such as Identitiy Awareness we ran into issues with and have since resolved, however the features and visibility you obtain is very detailed and rich beyond other competators. Patching and Upgrades are simple and easy if your not using VSX. When using VSX, upgrades and patches can go wrong and be very timely. The Snapshot feature is awsome if you need to roll-back changes in a hurry or are about to reach the end of a change window from a failed upgrade. Checkpoint has improved their CLI "CPUSE" agent, but if you don't use the "CPUSE" agent and manually upgrade appliances, your sure to run into problems unless your a very skilled Linux\Unix user and understand Checkpoint's file structure. On the other hand, re-imaging or reconfiguraing firewalls are safe and easy to do. As for using Checkpoint outside of upgrades\licensing etc..., its very easy to use and quick for new employees who never have used Checkpoint before to learn and understand in a matter of days. We are happy with Checkpoint not just for the TCO, but keeping everything truely under one-single-pane-of-glass for changes.

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances, SandBlast Threat Extraction

Great products that is reliable and trusted

Great product that is reliable and trusted.

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances

Implementation is relatively easy but planning and expertise are key

Performance and functionality are great. VSX implementation is overly complex and has limitations that are not readily apparent.

Threat Emulation Cloud Service

Great addition for security but needs to become more mature

The Threat Emulation is able to catch a lot of the unknown zero-day threats that manage to bypass other Antivirus and Malware scanners adding additional protection to our infrastructure. However, we discovered a lot of bugs related to it.