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Meraki MX appliances

Great networking equipment

Easy to use on a tech side but also for our end users

Meraki MX appliances

Easy to setup and deploy

Great technical support and understanding of my setup needs.

Meraki MX appliances

Great cloud-based solution making WAN management easy

The Meraki MX products worked flawlessly. We were able to quickly configure and deploy the devices across all West Coast locations in less than 90 days. The cloud-based solution enabled us to quickly identify and troubleshoot any problems. We have used the dashboard to determine outages and locations where we were unaware of connectivity problems.

Meraki MX appliances


Meraki's unique cloud-hosted architecture provides centralized management and security through an intuitive web interface. It eliminaties the complexity associated with traditional networking systems. Very friendly user interface. Plenty of Documentation available. 24/7 customer support. Firmware updates happen themselves on some Sundays. It is the new way to do computer networking and improves the experience.

Meraki MX appliances

Easy implementation and fast delivery

Fail-over and network shaping works flawlessly.

ASA 5500-X Series,Meraki MX appliances

Very good solution for retailers who seek simpler architecture and costs less

Meraki is an ideal solution for Retailers. The cloud controller / dashboard model is powerful for preconfiguring equipment needing on only the serial #. The solution is evolving quickly since Cisco acquired them and I like the additions of other Cisco technologies (Netflow/Lancope support for example). There are still hiccups and hurdles, however. We continue to struggle with Meraki to leverage their network templates (several issues are deal breakers for us in the current iteration) Overall I'd highly recommend taking a look, however. Being able to delegate many troubleshooting roles down to helpdesk in a friendly GUI UI has been a big win over predecessor Cisco IOS archtecture. I fully expect the features and functionality to improve as well as the product offers to swell (recent additions of phones and cameras are examples)

Meraki MX appliances

The MX is a powerful device for Retail, however there are a few administrative shortcoming

Overall the experience was positive. They were aggresive on price. There support is good and we got access to the product manager. There were a few issues, such as the keep alives on the backup Internet connection. Meraki assumes this is wired and therefore sends about 15MB / day of ICMP traffic. In our case we use Cellular and there are associated costs. This is significantly higher than the traffic generated from their USB Cellular option.

Meraki MX appliances

Very easy to deploy, limited capabilities

The MX environment was very easy to deploy, especially remotely. The downside seems to be their integration with other vendors which ultimately decreases the capabilities of the product.

Meraki MX appliances

Overall great product, looking for more openly shared information

Provided the solution we needed. Support has been very responsive. Meraki is culturely different from now parent compnay Cisco; Meraki is much better overall for SMB and is quickly expanding.

ASA 5500-X Series

The products are working well, but the configuration is not easy

The products are working well. But the configuration is not easy