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OpenDNS Umbrella

Can be used as a standalone solution, or as a backup to your current application.

Easy to implement and configure. Support is excellent.

Meraki MX appliances

Implementation was easy, needs more insight

The application does its job, I wish there was more insight into operations

Meraki MX appliances

Easy implementation across the Enterprise with impeccable Technical Support

Having embarked on my 20th year in IT, I have never come across such FANTASTIC Technical Support with any product (software or hardware related). We chose Meraki because it allowed our very lean IT staff to manage 18 locations that span three States. Meraki was incredible from day one with respect to planning the design and all through the implementation. Any follow up calls that have been needed are treated with the utmost priority; no problem is too small.

Meraki MX appliances

Meraki MX

Very responsive team. Great support.


Feature rich wireless without all the headaches

Great product, easy to user dashboard, full functionality quickly

OpenDNS Umbrella

Cisco Open DNS

Easy to implement and easy to setup policies

OpenDNS Umbrella

I HIGHLY recommend implementing this service at your place of business.

Great Product Easy To Implement works flawlessly.

Meraki MX appliances

Fast implementation with almost zero touch at remote locations

THe meraki appliances are extremely fast to roll out. Our general experience was less than 15 minutes of downtime to migrate from a Cisco ASA to the meraki security appliance. THis includes setting up all features included SD-WAN

ASA 5500-X Series

Some support issue.

Overall good, but some issues are poorly covered.

Meraki MX appliances

Work at home, in the office, the future of networking now.

Simplicity. Few companies require all the bells and whistles provided by legacy routers and switches. Meraki's are easy to configure, deploy, and manage - I don't have to retain a CCNA to run these in my enterprise. Also, these devices achieve a truer software defined network (SDN) capability than anybody - bar none (don't forget to include SDN in your ROI).