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FortiGate - UTM

Easy Implementation, Easy to Manage, Great Service Support

It was excellent overall experience while implementing the solution. We got the ample support and guidance from Fortinet team in the whole project which was enterprise wide.


Rock Solid Product. Easy Install. Met Expectations

The product was easy to install and manage. Met expectations and has been very reliable. Fortinet customer support has been quite good so far.

FortiGate - UTM

Implementation as a transparent device made our work more easy

We deployed FortiGate unit as a transparent device into our existing infrastructure, there were no much challenge to do this compared to other devices like Cisco and Sophos

FortiGate - UTM

When able to speak w/FortiGate Support, they are good @ resolving our issues

Support for FortiGate has been slow & I have to call in to get tickets escalated

FortiGate - UTM, FortiManager

Fortigate Implementation was easy and worth it

Implementation was very successful and mostly seamless. Fortinet did an excellent job in creating a path to deployment and retiring of old hardware.

FortiAnalyzer, FortiGate - UTM, FortiManager

Great performance, low practicality

The integral solutions are very complete in addition to providing the required security

FortiAnalyzer, FortiGate - UTM

Excellent product. Easy implementation.

The devices were easy to configure and implement. They are extremenly easy to manage and run with very few to no problems. The integration with our network and existing infrastructure is wonderful. So far, reaching out to support has been great. They are very knowledgable and willing to help with anything.


Easy to deploy

FortiClient was easy to deploy and train our Associates on how to use.

FortiAnalyzer, FortiClient, FortiGate - UTM

Fortinet UTM innovations

Responsive and the product worked as described


A powerful box, no bogus up-charges

The product has been fantastic. It is stable and reliable. The new setup we deployed is faster and was far more affordable than other competitors.