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Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Replacement for TMG

We implemneted sophos UTM as a replacement for TMG and it worked as expected

Sophos SG UTM

Product is robust needs a better way to get firmware loaded "out of the box"

Overall the product is well matured and easy to manage. Reporting could be more reliable but overall the product works as designed.

Sophos SG UTM

Implementation was easy

Support is a little rough, but it is an intuitive product.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Implementation was straight forward

When we met the team from Sophos over 6 years ago we were looking for a reliable and cost effective security solution for our clients. Not only did they provide that but they also took the time to really understand our business model. They listen to the feedback we provide and use it to drive enhancements in their product and with their team. As a result, they are continuing to help us drive down our support costs by providing innovative solutions that help us secure our client's networks from the increasing number of threats each year.

Sophos SG UTM, Sophos UTM and UTM Manager for AWS

implementation was easy with great support with a multitude of functions

They are fast to respond with support and continue to be a leader in this market

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

It works easily, and it works well.

Fantastic. The Sophos UTM is the first physical firewall I have dealt with. I stepped into this role with the Sophos already present, and it was a little daunting, but the GUI and actual operation of the UTM is fantastic. Everything is pretty much imediately available, and the reports have a really good depth of information and customizability. There have been the odd issue or two encountered where connections are blocked, but the logs are super extensive and let you dig down into why things are doing things. Overall, a great device, and we haven't found anything it falls short on.

Sophos SG UTM

Straight forward upgrade from our existing Sophos UTM

This was a straight forward upgrade from a older and smaller Sophos UTM appliance. We had been happy with the previous appliance, but it had become undersized for our growing operation. The marginal cost of renewing support with upgraded hardware was negligable. A no-brainer. A winning strategy for Sophos if their goal is to keep me as a customer. The upgrade was not much more than a backup of the existing configuration and reload into the new one. We look forward to upgrading the software to the XG line once it becomes available for this hardware.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Great product, gave us alot more features than we had before

The GUI interface is cleaner and easier to understand than what we had with Sonicwall previously for our firewall. it was nice to have everything working together, the UTM, firewall, Antivirus, and our VPN. VPN was easy to give access to and install for on the road users, walking someone through installing it was a breeze, all web based. Support at first was a little troublesome, having being have to be redirected to FAQ's or emails with the FAQ attached instead of personalized assistance. Time to get in touch with a tech at first was a bit long too, sometimes having to wait for up to an hour to get through. Since deployment though, this has improved, support is easier and quicker to get in touch with, and being able to speak to a higher level tech when needed is easier to do as well. Overall, Sophos is a great product with a lot of potential, we would like to see some end user and admin training for the portal we use though, or possibly training available somewhere near us.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Great product for the price.

Good. The Sophos product (UTM 9) has been a very solid product. I use the firewall at multiple locations. It is easy to use. Easy to learn. Works well.

Sophos Unified Threat Management Protection Platform (UTM)

Implementation was easy and support is excellent

The setup was very easy. We received a DoA box initially but were given an advanced replacment immediately and without question. Customer service was excellent and simple to deal with. The device itself is extremely easy to manage all of our various connections and rules.