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Sophos SG UTM

Product is robust needs a better way to get firmware loaded "out of the box"

Overall the product is well matured and easy to manage. Reporting could be more reliable but overall the product works as designed.

Sophos SG UTM

Implementation was easy

Support is a little rough, but it is an intuitive product.

Sophos SG UTM, Sophos UTM and UTM Manager for AWS

implementation was easy with great support with a multitude of functions

They are fast to respond with support and continue to be a leader in this market

Sophos SG UTM

Straight forward upgrade from our existing Sophos UTM

This was a straight forward upgrade from a older and smaller Sophos UTM appliance. We had been happy with the previous appliance, but it had become undersized for our growing operation. The marginal cost of renewing support with upgraded hardware was negligable. A no-brainer. A winning strategy for Sophos if their goal is to keep me as a customer. The upgrade was not much more than a backup of the existing configuration and reload into the new one. We look forward to upgrading the software to the XG line once it becomes available for this hardware.

Sophos UTM and UTM Manager for AWS

Decent NGFW but needs more documentation

The product was selected due to its history in the AWS Marketplace and PCI compliance as well as short implementation time.

Sophos SG UTM

Sophos Next Generation Firewall/UTM - Must buy for IT Security

We did run into one limitation that is difficult or impossible on the box....that was possible in a Cisco ASA. This has still been a pain. Overall the UTM has been a better fit for security as opposed to various bolt ons or multiple devices in the cisco world; such as content filtering, IPS, IDS, a more visible firewall, easier logging and reporting, and much more. I would still have made the change despite the limitation listed above. For that matter, its track record of stopping command and control infections would alone probably be worth the upgrade. The dashboard is easy to use and intuitive, the learning curve for members of my team who were not used to it was not steep. SUM server looks fantastic as we have deployed quie a few of these UTM's.

Sophos SG UTM

Overall satisfied with some caveats.

There have been some hiccups with releases and we've adopted a "wait and see" update methodology to deploying updates. Support has been spotty; sometimes the support has good answers, other times it's been an endless circle of phone calls and being passed along from one support engineer to another. I certainly see their support as one of the product weaknesses.

Sophos SG UTM

Implementation was easy, great switch from Cisco!

The Sophos UTM solution was easy to implement. There were some quirks moving from ASA firewalls, but the vendor was able to easily help us translate.

Sophos SG UTM

Sophos UTM Appliance

Product works very well for its intended purpose. There were a couple of bad firmware updates over the years we have had the device, but the issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.