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Trustwave Unified Threat Management

Good product in theory, but reliability can be an issue.

We deployed nine Trustwave UTM devices across our locations to conform to PCI Compliance policy changes that our company and our client implemented several years ago. While the devices are configured by Trustwave and sent out to us, they do their job fairly well in protecting credit card data while deployed on the network. When they work, they work great. Unfortunately in the first year of deployment we replaced five of the nine devices and have replaced every single one at least once within the first three years of operation. These failures have been detrimental to our business as we lose the ability to take credit cards at the site until an IT person can get out there to either replace the device or temporarily move it to another network until a replacement device can be shipped. The technical support from Trustwave can be difficult at times because when the box goes down and cannot get to an outside website, Trustwave requires you to plug in a 56k USB modem to the Trustwave so they can remote in and look into the system. The problem with this configuration is that most of our locations do not have analog lines accessible close to the devices so we cannot effectively troubleshoot them. We are currently looking at a new implementation to replace these devices after three years of deployment.