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Implementation and administration are easy and intuitive. Perimeter insight is excellent.

Watchguard has been a solid product to work with. It's real-time insight into our perimeter network, ease of use, and the integrated security services it provides gave it the edge over competitors.


Installation, configuration and deployment was fast and plug-and-play for our SMB business

Installation, configuration and deployment was fast and plug-and-play. Each box can be pre-configured and then remotely managed from the administrator console. The latest firmware makes deployment easier by providing wizards for each of the functionalities. The wizard also handled firewall configuration and automatically created new policy rules for my company's web-content filters. The product is a great fit for our SMB business

WatchGuard Dimension, XTM

Right-sized solution for availability at the right cost

Vendor helped considerably with product selection


Watchguard Firewall. Solid firewall, easy to install, easy to maintain.

Vendor (Watchguard) and third party reseller (CDW) were great to work with.


Implementation was easy

Has been a fairly straight forward transition with the help needed.


Easy to implement and manage a secure VPN

We wanted to create point-to-point and road warrior VPN for office network. This solution was easy to configure and has proven to be relaible. We came from Cisco ...

WatchGuard Dimension

Quick, easy, informative!

Very easy to implement - Watchguard provides a VHD file which you can pop right into hyper v or vmware and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Firebox, WatchGuard APT Blocker, WatchGuard Dimension, XTM, Other...

fantastic support

they are very nice to talk to and always give me good ideas on how i can do something. Very helpful and they just know what they are doing.

Firebox, XTM

Easy to use, deploy and manage

Wathguard firewalls are very easy to manage, create rules and test the errors. There are a lot of features and it takes a lot of time to take avantage of everything, but with patience you'll master this firewalls

Firebox, WatchGuard Dimension, XTM

Simple to implement product that provides easy visual analysis of network activity

Solid product that provided a user friendly view of data and analytics. Cost was included with up to date support fee. Implimentation was simple via VM download and import into Hyper v 2008. Came in handy to check for excessive bandwith users as well as tracking down the catagory of content they were watching.