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What is User Authentication?

User authentication provides real-time corroboration of an identity claim by a person accessing an organization’s assets. It is foundational to network, application and data security, because it reduces fraud, mitigates account takeover (ATO) and other identity risks, and addresses regulatory requirements. Tools in this market enable or provide one or more credential-based or signal-based authentication methods that can augment or replace legacy passwords for employees, contingent workers, partners, suppliers, business or retail customers, or citizens in one or more use cases.

Products In User Authentication Market

"Duo Access has made account management so easy that we don't need to remember password"

Duo Access has made sooooooo many employees lives easy and helped company maintain security. I have been using Duo from University where every time to login I had to receive a call and then press 1 to confirm.And may time I never used to receive a call but with Duo Push notifications accessing the setup server/ account has became so easy and secure. Even when you are signed out from the server. You don't need to remember the passwords for every account separately. So I really liked the idea and as it is a lightweight application does not use up much space on cellphone as well.

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" Great way to do MFA without a security admin or paying for PS. Solid Initial support"

We were able to implement as a smaller hospital of about 1500 users. We don't' have a security analyst/person, let alone a dept, just a sys-admin like me. I was able to deploy and implement with the SE and Account rep without any PS/costs. Surprisingly easy to implement.

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"The skinny on cloud computing, as well as specific Azure AD environments and options"

Microsoft Azure Active (AAD) is primarily used for two purposes: access permissions in Exchange, SharePoint, and other Office 365 services, as well as domain/workstation access and logging on our local network. AAD provided us with numerous opportunities to improve our organization and bring it up to speed in terms of technology and what our users can do. Some of our users, for example, had two or more sets of credentials (1 for Office 365, another for domain access and another for SharePoint).

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"Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication is robust , stable and feels secure across networks"

I absolutely love having Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication service since it improves my email, network, and all other sign-in experience more secure. The authenticator app provides with notification to approve/reject the user login which is very very useful.

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"My experience with this program has been really good."

I had no idea of the enormous advantages that it would bring me when I started working with Symantec VIP, this program has been an enormous help in blocking all the threats that want to affect my work, I feel very calm as I can work from my email and be able to fulfill my work tasks without any problem, my experience with this program has been really good.

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"Haven't found a comparable vendor to Okta's MFA"

Okta Multi-Factor authentication is the only MFA solution my company uses. It supports YubiKey, SMS, Voice, OTP and the mobile application is great (even works with iwatch). There's also new functionality coming that uses risk based factors to drive challenges

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"Imprivata OneSign is an incredibly best tool that keeps data safe and secure"

Overall experience with this amazing tool is amazing. The tool is really useful in terms of time savings and accessibility. I collaborated with the developers to help bring important toolsets within the system into production. As a result, adopting this sign-in approach became highly beneficial to us. It reduced help desk calls and support issues and ease of access to managed and unmanaged systems. It provides security to all resources and boosts its overall performance, with this tool we never face downtime.

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"Microsoft Windows Authentication-A great tool, but alternatives available. "

we use microsoft windows authentication for identity verification, and use mostly biometric method and in some cases, issued certificates. the biggest plus is the integration it has with microsoft products, it is very beneficial to have smooth and troublefree experience. it works seamlessly in our predominantly microsoft environment and that was the biggest reason for its procurement. since we work in microsoft environment, we don't face the issue, but it has some issues in some non-windows environment.

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"An incredible tool for User's Authentication."

Offers usernames and passwords protection. It's also offers one-time passcodes (OTPs)for emails and passwords. Protects access to our organization computers, networks and websites from unauthorized identities.

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"Digipass for mobile Es Review"

This multilayered time based authentication platform has been used on small and portable devices has really been helpful in helping myself and my team to securely and remotely complete assignment away from the office. We can connect to our enterprise network effortlessly and ensure deadlines are met even away from the office. It’s so user friendly and compatible with different devices.It gives access to virtual private network and secure socket layer which guarantees the security of business transactions that require that level of internet security.

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"Attackers are moving to take down user accounts, you must have Identity Threat Protection"

CrowdStrike Identity Protection is a fairly new solution, I was initially invited to do a PoV of the product and it went very well, the tool it self has a lot of power and the sales person was very receptive in terms of what the company needs were and how to fit them and convert them into requirements.

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"Great Partner and product!"

We implemented MFA when users leverage sudo on our UNIX/Linux Infrastructure. It was a successful installation and Centrify was a great partner. In addition Centify made product modifications based on unique requirements.

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"The best 2FA key I've found - works flawlessly, easily, and is tiny!"

Those key are awesome and user friendly, unless you don't know how to insert a USB into your computer or turn on NFC on your phone (then you are in need of help beyond this key). We do use it for all ours systems administrators.

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"Efficient authentication"

Overall, it has been a very positive experience utilizing Microsoft authenticator. I think my favorite part of this tool is how easy it is to authenticate literally any login just from the click of a button on my mobile app. Whether that be through my computer or another device the authentication process is seamless and easy. I also really like the ease of use on the mobile app and how quickly I am able to complete a multi-factor authentication process. I think this tool also helps me keep my data and devices secure.

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"Simple and easy to use solution"

I have been working with this service for over a decade when this was still Cryptocard, working with them through the Safenet, Gemalto and more recently Thales acquisitions. The relationship with the vendor has always been a very strong one, aligning to my defined strategies around the sale of the product and widening this to other product sets as time has gone on. I have reengaged on this relationship each time I have started as a new organisation and have worked with the vendor and solutions through several different re-sellers; Apex Computers, Cisilion, Insight and now Computacenter. The Safenet Authentication Service - SAS is one that i have sold, installed and managed throughout the years related to each of the resellers that I have worked with. Always taking the lead role in all of the engagements for this product and selling this in addition to other solutions like RAS VPN. I have experience of tools like RSA and this is so much easier to work with.

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"A complete package to implement multi factor authenticaion"

It is nice tool to setup multi or two factor authentication. Best thing about this product is we can setup RSA Authentication Manager application in both mobile and laptop. It provides secure access to our application 6 to 8 digit pin which is used to generate the authentication code for every time we need to access the application. We have used it for Citrix to make it more secure since now a days work from is very common in IT industry.

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"Ping Identity is a trusted partner interested in our success"

We use several products from Ping Identity: PingFederate, PingOne for Enterprise, PingID multi-factor authentication, and PingCentral for self-service SSO relationship administration. The main use case is workforce authentication with thousands of SaaS relationships for over 200k people. As a vendor, they took the time to understand our needs, pain points, and opportunities. They are extremely responsive and engaged with us on an ongoing basis. Many of the features we've requested over the past six years have been integrated into the product line. PingCentral is the most recent addition to the suite at my company, and it brings an invaluable means for my application owners to manage their SSO relationships, which lowers SLAs, improves speed to market for new web properties, reduces load on my engineering teams, and creates customer delight. Overall, the products are great and the customer focus is outstanding. Highly recommended.

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"Would highly recommend"

Excellent product. Very easy to implement, and when you need support it was fast and very professional. The product had all the features we wanted, and with the cloud integration even more with possibility to use SAML to integrated the on premise solution with cloud solutions.

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"A great access and authentication platform with smooth enrolment feature"

My experience with BioConnect has been great. It integrates with our readers (BioMini & BioEntry W) so well. The management of the application is simple and not complicated. There has also been a great improvement in the look of the newer version when compared with the older ones. At the initial stage when we imported our templates from BioStar and had identity mis-match, BioConnect was able to help resolve this problem.

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"Safenet authentication best way to connect devices remotely"

Safenet authentication provides best way to connect to the any devices from any location remotely. I liked the interface which is very much user friendly. It has pretty good Identity and Access Management features. I loved its fully automated administration of users, token.

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