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Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

Out of the box functionality will hopefully be better in the new versions.

What seems like simple functionality is not available in 2.2 but hopefully will be when we upgrade to version 2.5.

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

Complex implementation with positive results.

We had solid support from our Oracle partner. Our 3rd party integrator had some solid knowledge in some areas and gaps in knowledge in other areas.

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

Implementation was challenging but met the core objectives

Difficult to implement and challenging implementation. Stabalized now.

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

Familiar Concepts

It was helpful that we were already familiar with the concepts of CCB as we had been on PeopleSoft for 13 yrs

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B), Other...

Implementation was difficult, and base product needs to evolve

Consulting services has been strong in some cases and weak in others. Implementation was okay, and some consulting support has been good when transferring knowledge to customer, but some post production support has been weak

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

Pretty smooth and successful implementation

Version 2.4 is good but the newer versions of Oracle CC&B aRE cobol FREE AND WE ARE LOOKING TO UPGRADE TO THAT.

Utilities Customer Care & Billings (CC&B)

implementation went well, we are still working out the kinks 3 months later

Oracle was available to help in the process but we also did not use some of Oracles product functionailty because the system integrator did not know how to implement