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What are Value Stream Management Platforms?

Value stream management platforms enable organizations to optimize end-to-end product delivery and improve business outcomes. VSMPs are tool-agnostic; they connect to existing tools and ingest data from all phases of software product delivery all the way from customer need to value delivery. They help software engineering leaders identify and quantify opportunities to improve software product performance by optimizing cost, operating models, technology and processes. VSMPs use AI-/machine learning (ML)-powered analytics and insights to surface constraints, detect bottlenecks and improve flow. This enables stakeholders to take actions that improve throughput and align to business priorities and objectives.

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"Cutting edge leading management platform"

HCL accelerate has been a pioneer in value stream management platforms for several years. The software has been keenly observed and maintained securely with this accelerated platform.

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"Excellent customization capabilities to adjust to requirements of different units"

We appreciate the great product features and customization capabilities to tailor the solution to the needs of both operations and project requirements. We use Value Streams to continuously improve our IT-related products and services in close alignment with business stakeholders, who like both the inclusiveness and transparency of the platform.

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"Extensive and exclusive digital platform"

One of the leading technology leaders for the different software delivery techniques. Digital io has valued streaming management platforms. It will measure the software development efforts to continue to deliver the best software on market.

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"Leading management platform with many advantages"

It is one of the platforms which provides self-service toolchain automation along with drag and drop declarative pipelines and unified interfaces. Improved operational efficiency is the key for the opsera platform.

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"End-to-End software delivery Analytics"

Using data science, our team of software delivery experts and data scientists strives to improve the speed and quality of software delivery. In order to increase software delivery predictability, risk management, am=nd process optimisation, Plandek mines data from the toolsets used by delivery teams which make the work easier.

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"ServiceNow review"

ServiceNow is extremely power but requires dedicated staff to manage.

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