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Poor serivce

At first technology leader, but as time moved along solution got more expensive, yet competitors closed the gap. Support is extremely poor. Typically have incidents lasting weeks while trying to resolves issues. The support teams spend time pointing fingers internally. Instead of resolving incidents, sales tries to sell us other products to resolve issues with products already purchased.


Riverbed Steelhead runs itself

Once configured, the device is self-maintaining.



implemented and realized initial optimization as expected


Success story when Infrastructure and Applications both won.

Imediately improved application performance and were able to demonstrate value to the business. Key was bringing in applications teams early and often to provide metrics and help champion the initiative


Technology great, needs better consulting

Not always bringing best technical experts - more a technology provider than a businss partner. Excellent technologyd delivering great value on bandwidth.


scoping, Implementation was simple. product works well.

Purchased three 7070 WAN optimizers for my data center. WAN optimization is between 20-75% depending on application/protocol. Product can increase latency / slow performance on some protocols / applications that are encrypted. Meed to create bypass rules for those to avoid the issue


We see an imediate improvement of bandwidth and performance as soon as we deploy it.

Riverbed has been a good solid product for my company. It takes a little more daily/weekly management than we prefer, but overall we like the results we get. We see an immediate improvement of bandwidth and application performance as soon as we deploy the solution at a location.

SteelCentral, SteelConnect, SteelFusion

Wish cost was more Affordable.

Overall good solution. Challenges with SMB3 and ICA traffic.

SteelFusion, SteelHead

WAN optimization can deliver huge business process & application benefits.

We found that our internal expertise rose quickly and gave rise to additional desirable features that could be incorporated into future software releases. As a result, our internal SME on the platform was named and continued to contribute to a customer-based Technical Advisory Council and is frequently consulted by account management and other Riverbed customers.

Riverbed Application Performance Platform

Great tool.

ARX is a good tool for app network monitoring.