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WAN Accelerator Excellence

We embraced Riverbed to address BI slowness from SAP. The WAN accelerator provides the throughput efficiency to improve the end-user experience


This really helped us to avoid a drop in sales due to poor application performance.

The overall implementation went well with good response and service from the vendor. We had concerns regarding meeting our demands globally for replacement of equipment (4 hours’ time to repair), but the vendor actually changed their support organization to meet our needs within 1 year of deployment. From a technology perspective we tested 2 vendors with really big difference in result. On the bandwidth reduction side both vendors had similar result but on the application performance improvement the other vendor actually made it worse.


Improve WAN performance

The implementation is straight forward and we didn't encounter any issues.

Riverbed Application Performance Platform

Implementation wasnt as straight forward in integrating the SteelHead family with OpNet

Interested in becoming a business partner, willing to work with us on terms as well as new product introduction.


Implementation has been somewhat hampered because we use Hyper-V as our virtualization

Overall experience with Riverbed has been good. Tech support is knowledgeable and response times are usually very quick. Our support engineer is usually very accessible if I need quick and/or escalated support, otherwise, when going through normal support channels it has usually been a good experience.

Riverbed Application Performance Platform, SteelCentral, SteelHead

early zero touch deployment, excellent performance, saves costly MPLS upgrades

Extremely professional team - both Sales and SE Committed and consistent follow ups Partnered as if its their own setup versus just to complete a sale Understood business complexity, timelines and willing to put client's interest ahead of their own Excellent technology and delivered RIO in less than a year as projected and helped alleviate costly bandwidth upgrades


Riverbed was easy to implement and performed as expected from day one.

The Riverbed deployment was a great success. It is a solution that I would recommend again.


Riverbed - a good strategy initially, now not so much

Great product and was easy to deploy. We have over 55 units currently in production. Only issue seems to be harddrives blow out from constant writes and rewrites. Units are starting to show their age, but Riverbed has not provided a good replacement strategy. No good direction in SDWAN or Cloud and WAN Optimization may no longer be a requirement for us. Current plans are to retire the Riverbeds without replacement. The company seems confused about their direction and focus. The addition of OpNet and WireShark seems to have misdirected the company/


Poor serivce

At first technology leader, but as time moved along solution got more expensive, yet competitors closed the gap. Support is extremely poor. Typically have incidents lasting weeks while trying to resolves issues. The support teams spend time pointing fingers internally. Instead of resolving incidents, sales tries to sell us other products to resolve issues with products already purchased.


Riverbed Steelhead runs itself

Once configured, the device is self-maintaining.