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Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

Overall satisfied, yet need some improvement

Starting from our Changchun site in 2007, we have been successfully rolling out Infor WMS to other sites during the years. Infor WMS has become the cornerstone of our core business. We look forward to the new versions/new features and global experience and best practice from Infor that will make us more successful.

Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

Software Completely Integrated and Easy to manage and create Reports.

Excellent vendor, also facilitate demos, and visits to different exisiting customers, with plenty of satisfaction! The Software runs perfectly, and the Support it´s very fast.

Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

The implementation was not easy, it is necessary to have support for the start

The methodology used during the implementation process was excellent. The software is easy to understand, which allows the user to learn it without problems. The consulting team has a high knowledge

Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

Drawbacks but Infor full commitment. Increase in productivity of 30%.

WE deployed the latest version of the software and although it had drawbacks, INFOR supported us in the stabilization of the tool. After the implementation and stabilization was achieved an increase in productivity of 30%, and the reliability of the inventory step 85 to 99.5%. The commitment of Infor with this project was very important for achieving the objectives of the project and to have the system that we have today.

Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

WMS Implementation was a huge learning curve as we tried to balance speed with sustainance

With WMS in place from 2008, FSC was able to improve operational efficiencies as well as load consolidation for transportation leading to lower costs. Lower Time-to-Market due to enablement of more frequent delivery schedules to stores. Helped Customer in reducing costs and higher productivities and efficiencies enabled improved stock availability at stores leading improved Service level to the stores and customers. The landcape was designed to scale up further to accomodate automation and integration with Vendor Portal and Transportaion Management portals.