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JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS), Other...

Great product with robust features and functionality

Features and functionality are second to none. This has really helped us specifically in the area of pick, pack, process, and parcel ship operations. We utilize the JDA WMS for applications that require us to go above and beyond our in-house WMS's capabilities. Upgrading can be a challenge so make sure you have contingencies in place prior to any go-live.

JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Implementation was strong but ongoing support has been a concern

JDA clearly has world class solutions but the go-live support and on-going fixes have not been very good. I would recommend using a 3rd party to help support deployments and ongoing modifications.

JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Expensive & difficult contracting/SOW process but top of the class project mngt & software

Lots of delay due to complexity of the tool and SOW changes that caused the cost to increase over the budget.

JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management

JDA professional services billing practices have been problematic. Engagement model has not been satisfactorly beneficial


JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Good product

The relationship is lumpy. Things go well for a while, then go poorly for a while. Lots of transitional periods with the vendor due to M&A and employee turnover.

JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Stable product with not very complicated implementation.

All in all good.