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Warehouse Management Systems

Great Product, With Many Possibilities

The team brought much knowledge and expertise to the table when providing the initial training and implementation. This really gave us a good feeling about what we had purchased.

Warehouse Management Systems

Clear business requirements and strong business ownership is critical to success

Principals have solid understanding of domain and have ability to advise on solutions for warehouse management. It is challenging to develop a single system that can be deployed across multiple industries so experience and knowledge from the vendor is critical--which Made4Net has. Support team is small in the US so response is not always as fast desired.

Warehouse Management Systems

Excellent product with a complex system

Great product but they need additional support staff and more training for their new customers.

Warehouse Management Systems

Fast implementation with some bug fixing afterwards

There were some failures on technical specification level and quality of deliveries. Lack of vendors internal testing.

Warehouse Management Systems, Other...

powerful solution with good tools for configuration. needs better reporting

We have been working with made4net for several years. we start with the delivery and then buy the routing and we were very happy with the products and the support. We receive fast response if we have a question or if there is a problem. The WMS product we implemented after we had an older WMS that was not supported very well. THe WMS is very good product. Works well, stable and we are able to support ourself most ot the time.