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Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Technical staff on our location were very helpful.

We have good technical support.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Manhattan demands synergy between their resources and in-house expertise.

The application itself is very powerful and is highly configurable. Considering this fact, the vendor has a highly trained and a knowledgeable staff - notwithstanding attrition. The overall experience with the vendor has been quite pleasant. However, without sounding prejudiced, I must admit that we ourselves had a very powerful, motivated and a knowledgeable team and Leadership. This combination, according to me was a big reason for the complete success of the implementation. If one of the two is lacking, this can turn out to be a very expensive proposition as you would have the market/our peers believe. We leveraged the expertise of the vendor to the full extent and put our checks and balances in place. The vendor DOES NOT have direct access to production as you would find in many installations. We have powerful leadership that enforced proper procedures and testing. The heart of this implementation was the MHE messaging. There were zero defects in the messaging! That was one of the prime reasons for the success of our project.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

They sold us nice juice water melon, implementaion was cantaloupe, now stuck with potato

Well, they told us we can do lot of things with this WMS and during implementation it did not worked and had to change plans multiple time. Everytime if you want to do very basic function and Manhattan said it will be a modification and not part of base product. Overall implementation team was ok and lot of new consultants came out for imlementation which made implementation harder because they have no knowledge about real warehouse processes.

Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i (WMi)

Good software but requires customization and poor support for solution

Software is highly customized and very sophisticated. More customized than we would have hoped for. Additional their support has been expensive and not very strong.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Manhattan, worked for us

Far less painful than we expected, great support from Manhattan. Out of Box experience was pretty good.

Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i (WMi)

Fantastic project, we were not prepared for the amount of data cleansing.

The technical team from Manhattan was fantastic to work with. They provided us a very clear outline of requirements and then spent time understanding our business and how the two would blend together.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Omni-channel warehouse implementation

The vendor has been great, sent us some of their best people to work on our project

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Software is solid, but the implementation costs almost killed us

The software is solid, very configurable and a ton of options. Manhattan Profession Services (PSO) are very professional and for the most part, know their stuff well. The sales process excluded integration and modification costs in the overall proposal and I would say those hidden costs were very detrimental to the project.

Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i (WMi), Other...

Functionality and Partnership... just works

Manhattan continues to partner with their customers to add key functionality in the areas such as omni-channel and eCommerce. These benefits allow the solution(s) to stay relevant and support new business processes necessary to satisfy the customer experience.

Manhattan SCALE

Growing and Supporting our Technlogy Platform for Success Thanks to Manhattan

Manhattan Associates has been a great partner of ours for 8 years now. Their partnership over the years has been critical to our success as a company. Through the implementation process, we also gained so much technical training and knowledge of the system. Manhattan enabled us to be self supporting in many ways. The Account team is also always there when we need them and the product manager consistently checks in with us as well.