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Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Omni-channel warehouse implementation

The vendor has been great, sent us some of their best people to work on our project

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Software is solid, but the implementation costs almost killed us

The software is solid, very configurable and a ton of options. Manhattan Profession Services (PSO) are very professional and for the most part, know their stuff well. The sales process excluded integration and modification costs in the overall proposal and I would say those hidden costs were very detrimental to the project.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Very configurable product but could benefit from strong design leadership from the MA team

Very configurable product, which is a strenth of the product. We were disappointed at the lack of leadership the MA design leads demonstrated during the design stages of the project.

Warehouse Management for Open Systems

Great vision, very poor capability to implement and deliver real value

The sales process was not transparent enough and we have run into additional costs and integration delays because of this. The key point being the integration capabilities of the tool with our current landscape. From "no need to build interfaces" to 4 months of interface design and implementation which also involved hiring an additional vendor to help us with this. The actual tool seems to be good and it actually brings value compared to our previous solution. Implementation services and support provided by the vendor are poor and have a huge impact on the potential benefit we could recieve from the product. The services organization come across as disorganized and shows various level of knowledge ranging from almost incompetent to very good. We have struggled with getting the right knowledge brought into our project. Overall we think the vision of the tool is very good but their ability to deliver has suffered greatly from the way they handle the implementation.

Manhattan SCALE

Very easy to work with through the entire lifecycle of the prohect

From pre-sales all the way through post go live support, Manhattan has been professional,reliable and knowledgeable.

Manhattan SCALE

It would be clever to lear on others mistakes.

I think that the biggest issue was to get some knowledge about WMS as generally. We do a lot in a short time but if we would do some prework how can we use WMS in the best way it could be much cheaper to us. The second thing was to make staff to learn, understand and trust the system. They usually feel comfortable with the well-known system even if it is paper and pen. If something works, why should we change this? I can compare this to cooking meal with children. If you let children attend cooking, they will eat it regardless how it tests. They will be proud. Example: to do putaway, it was easier to choose override location than to listen to Scale and some days later it was Scales mistake that goods were not consolidated. An integration of the new WMS with core business applications such as ERP. We had used our business application for many years and we had made a lot of changes to match our needs. Now WMS Scale is master. Can you imagine that you have had an old cat and now you come with a puppy? You need patient to make them to talk to each other. To take an old ERP and force it to cooperation with a new WMS is almost the same. You cannot do this without professional IT help.

Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i (WMi)

Outstanding service, experience and product

customer service and support throughout the entire process was outstanding. associates provided a multitude of solutions for our business model and strategy. some transactions were difficult to identify initially.