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Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Implementation was not easy but not difficult either, somewhere in the middle.

Out of the box it is a great package for any warehouse but more so for picking and shipping. What we struggled the most was for it to meet our needs of replenishing to the production lines efficiently and having the visiblity of orders being placed by production. We had to cusomize the picking and min/max reports because the seeded outputs are not org to org friendly. It is a great WMS package and very stable.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS), Other...

Additional areas for shipping and compliance needed

Also needed solution for labeling and rate shopping

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

User Training helped to implement & adopt system better

Initially it was difficult for users to understand howerver with regular training & sessions they were able to trasact better & we started seeing benefits after 6 months

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Implementation an extensive process, but was worth it in the long run.

Upgrade experience was positive. We had some long running SRs that I thought should have been resolved sooner than they were, but the overall experience was positive.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

HOT Review

Oracle WMS is integrated with rest of the ORacle ERP systems and this facilitate to push the transaction all the waythrough GL.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

WMS Implementation nearly complete; gaining functionalty, stablity, and improvements.

We have created a great partnership with the Oracle team. On our first implemenation phase we were part of the early adopts. This process greatly helped our project team communcate any concerns and improved the throughput of Oracle support process. As we increased in functionality in Phase II the Product Development team listen to our concerns about our complex warehouse environment, gave us suggestions, reviewed gaps for future releases and again helped with overall support issues. As we roll into future phase we are closely tied to Oracle as a partner to help develop tools we need to create a competitive advantage through our warehouse processes.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

We were early adapters; vendor continues to listen to users for enhancements.

Warehouse is fully automated with conveyor and voice technology. Integration was very simple on both fronts. Business is very parcel driven and cluster pick and pick to carton very attractive.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Longer Than Estimated Implementation Trying to Standard Inventory and Processes

Our company is an IT Services and Hardware Reseller, and our business model does not map well to a traditional manufacturing or distribution warehouse. While not all of the processes and best practices designed to be utilized in the WMS work for us, we have found that between the tools available and flexibility to extend and enhance the WMS we have been able to meet the majority of our operation's needs. The overall implementation is tracking to take roughly 6 years to complete, the majority of this due to a lack of standard processes between warehouses as well as lines of business, which we are working to address in tandem with the implementation. We utilized a third-party consulting and staff augmentation company consisting of many former members of the vendor's product development team. This company provided functional and technical expertise during the first two years of the implementation project, in which we then felt we had the majority of our core standard processes defined. Most of the delays and challenges we have faced on the project have been self-inflicted. The lack of standard processes and resourcing conflicts between projects have driven the timelines out further than initiatlly estimated. From a technical aspect we have encountered very few issues and no show-stoppers during the project.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Fulfill our basic WMS needs but we have had to do quite some customizations still.

GOOD: reliable WMS tool, ready made integrations to all other Oracle eBS modules. BAD: development cycles are very long for customer perspective; after Oracle has released new development available to customer then still as we are dependent on overall Oracle eBS releases, it takes very long when we actually are able to install new release to our production system. Also it is not so easy to impact to what features Oracle is developing to WMS and when Oracle will actually release those developments to customers. This is causing to the fact that we are needed to customize Oracle WMS a lot as we cannot wait so long to get new features released by Oracle. Also we have seen that new released features are looking great in Power Point presentations but when we then actually start to investigate and test in real test system we are finding that new features are often not suitable for our needs. Also it has been very difficult to find out good Oracle WMS consultants in Europe when we had first rollouts during years 2006-2010. And still today good consultants are hard to find.

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Good application. you must choose the right partner implementator

When we started the project, we have some issues with the software; but after that we identified that the partner who was working with us.. didn't have enough experience. Now the software is working fine.