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SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

too expensive to implement SAP

It took 2 years for stablization

SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Robust solution with many options

Overall we have partnered well with SAP and believe the resulting EWM product is world class. With the recent EWM Customer Connections, we have a good process for which to influence SAP to continue growing the EWM functionality and get the solutions delivered in a timely manner. The solution has many configurable options to provide the needed functionality for most business needs. My only concern is that some of the changes we have needed are too big and complex to be resoved via the Customer Connection process and are therefore put into an SAP release several years out. In the mean time, we are forced to do custom coding. When SAP releases the solution, we have to continue using our solution or spend additional time to remove our solution and implement theirs - which is usually not exactly like ours.

SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Manageable to integrate with mainframe ERP and works stable and solid when standard

From our prior vendor SAP was a major step up in terms of functionality and robustness. At the time of implementation the product may not have had all the bells and whistles but what was there worked and operated as expected. Some areas (in our case Labour Management and calculations for planned durations) felt as if we were breaking new ground in the application but for the most part support was very good compared to the old vendor. So I find the vendor reliable and dependable but financial matters (both product licensing but also financial loss during outages) are quite dominant in our interaction and a source of frustration.

SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Very good results in terms of application; not so good in terms of project management

Our implementation of SAP EWM was successful in terms of providing the business operations with the necessary application tools and functionality to support the process variety, transactional volume, and automation requirements (MHE and other technologies). In terms of project management we struggled plenty, from the blueprinting stages until the support to go live, although SAP's consulting and supporting staff were always on hand and willing to help overcome the difficulties. It's important to note that project management, in particular related to the custom development activities were a shared responsibility between SAP and our company.

SAP ERP Warehouse Management, SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Implementation of EWM globally as part of a larger global SAP Ecosystem project

SAP customer

SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Best in class WMS if you can find the resources to build and maintain the system

I cannot speak for the overall ERP installation only the WMS. I have found the EWM system to be robust and flexible, it is a very capable software platform but needs a lot of experienced people to configure and execute. As for the EWM design and build, it was a long, awful process for our integrator Capgemini to find competent technical resources with the needed expertise to build our WMS. EWM was reletively new and resources were scarce, therefore I assume (because it was the excuse I was given) most of the experienced technical resources were on bigger, higher profile projects. We spent at least 6 months spinning our wheels and ended up redesigning the way our EWM was configured immediately before we went live. EWM creates an extraordinary amount of transactions - therefore the system needs someone constantly monitoring the queues to insure system performance is maintained.

SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management

Initial implementation was hard in 2008 to first warehouse as the options was endless :-)

Listen to customer needs and extends the WMS in that direction, many integrated complex scenarios to support supply chain features out of the box.