Synergy Logistics

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Great for English-speaking, small to Medium, single site implementations!

Service is one of their best qualities. They are very quick to respond and are able to quickly access knowledge experts. They are also will provide a fixed-cost for implementations which is unheard of in the WMS industry. They are expensive. Very expensive as their licensing is linear so you never achive a leveling off in costs as one grows. They currently don't scale to enterprise implementations (meaning multiple site instances) but they are trying to move in that direction.


Flexible, user friendly and cost effective - I would highly recommend this product.

Implementation went smoothly and within agreed timescale. System is extremely user friendly and easily picked up by WH staff. Flexibility of system has proven invaluable in allowing us to develop process efficiencies. Support staff really helpful and quick to understand operational requirements.


Quick to implement, a robust, rules-based configuration, and best in class support...

Synergy has been an excellent partner for Total Reliance. The Snapfulfil product has given us the ability to provide flexible and scalable solutions to our clients. The ability to offer an integratable WMS solution to our clients has been a large part of our rapid growth and expansion. We have grown from shipping a few hundred orders a month to shipping thousands of orders each day. We firmly believe that by selecting Snapfulfil as our WMS we have given ourselves a competitive edge in the order fulfillment space.


Snapfulfil has brought our company to a new level with warehouse management.

Our WMS with Snapfulfil has worked so well, we have fully intergrated it into our entire warehouse.


Planned and Execued to perfection, Excellent serivice and implementation of application.

All system functions and time frames achieved with support and ongoing communication to enabel a smooth implementation.