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TECSYS Warehouse Management

Tecsys Elite WMS

Very good support. Skilled and knowledgeable consultants for implementation

TECSYS Warehouse Management, Other...

Flexibility and features of software have increased and we continue to expand our use

Lots of functionality that we have grown into. Lots more functionality that we could use. Still too many mods for Retail requirements.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

Relatively Flexible System, Supportive Resources

What has worked: development of functionality in the WMS to meet our needs, good support from the professional services staff to support implementation/uplifts. Areas for improvement: certification process for third-party software, better documentation of changes made to go beyond basic functionality.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

Enabling a lower cost to serve for healthcare

Our model was unique, a self distribution model for a healthcare provider that included Med/Surg and Pharmaceutical products. We were able to establish a well managed and performing distributor operations and integrate the Tecsys system with our ERP system. We achieved great results, improving our lines picked per hour and automated many previously manual task.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

Implementation was straight and to the point and would not have changed a thing.

Tecsys was extremley professional and was very easy to work with. They meet all of our needs and we meet every goal that we set for our go live. I would recomend Tecsys to anyone who is looking for a Warehouse management system and from there people to there products they are excellent.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

Great product that works incredibly well, out of the box.

Easy to implement. Easy to deploy. Easy to maintain. Great experience rolling out the product to our 2 initial warehouses.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

The impelentation was on time, within budget and delivered the ROI

Tecsys have a structured approach to implementing WMS which is tried and tested. They provide their customers with a number of tools and guidance to support the customer through the process. Sometimes this can be difficult to pull out what is appropriate to your organisation. The implementation involved new software, hardware, and processes. We found the approach adopted by Tecsys helped with every aspect of this. The implementation went very well, but we did have to go through a tough learning curve after a few weeks of running WMS. This was mainly around learning the limitations of our system, but also how this had changed the dynamics of the operation. Tecsys was available to support us through each stage of this. We successfully delivered our ROI within our desired time frame. There is also so much flexibility within the system that we continue to develop our systems and processes. This has allowed us to continue to reduce our operational costs, whilst also improving our services to customers. One of the limiting factor for us has been around having the internal resource to focus on continuous improvement. We have recently upgraded the application, and moved to a hosted environment at the same time. The hosted environment has fully met our requirements. Tecsys take great care to build a strong relationship with their customers. They welcome feedback, and are very fair when resolving any potential issues. I feel that Tecsys are invested in the success of our organisation.

TECSYS Warehouse Management

Tecsys is a good partner, In spite of Marketing

Marketing and sales are not in sync with operations and service. We continually have challenges with Marketing using our organizations name as a reference / luminary site for their products and service without permission, consideration or compensation to our organization. In spite of TecSys marketing strategy, their operations and service team are excellent! During our long journey with TecSys (many up's and down's) we have developed a strong partnership.