4 out of 5 (5 Ratings)

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Smart team, smart product

Team we worked with was knowledgable and highly responsive. The features were hands down the best available based on our evaluation of other vendors.


Post-sale support is above expectations

Support through onboarding process was always timely.


Allowed us to really shine in drip email marketing. Fantastic feature!

We utilize Mix Panel on a daily basis to execute our drip marketing campaign. We could not find another more affordable solution for our startup and the emails we captured through Mix Panels were one of our biggest assets. Mix Panel has great customer service. They helped us understand the product and, while it's not fantastic for non-engineers, the personal support helped bridge the gap. The ability to track user behavior is good, but we didn't find it as effective as Google Analytics. However, the email marketing capabilities are GREAT.


Provides a base for product decisions but deep performance is lacking

Quite good in driving decisions. Performance analytics is something that is lacking.


Easy to setup and very insightful into your users' behavior

Mixpanel was fairly easy to implement, once the correct unique identifier for users had been figured out. The level of details of the data reported in the panel is pretty powerful, although I wish it expanded the subobject better. E.g. if you pass an object with nested objects or nested arrays, the nested properties will be displayed as a single line of text, which makes it a bit hard to read and manage.