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Fast DNS, Security Monitor

Best Software in market !

I believe Akamai is the leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers.

Luna Control Center, Other...

Easy implementation, Better Performance

Akamai team is very knowledgeable and supported us completely for on boarding our web applications. All the roll outs so far have gone through without any issues and Akamai even showed us the improvements we have made after the deployment.

Fast DNS

Reliable technology

Flexible platform to meet growing requirements

Fast DNS, Luna Control Center

Need updated integration information, operational procedures

Cool technology; sometimes give a bit heart burns during integration with other technology and tools

Luna Control Center

CDN solutions and services under one portal

We use Luna Control Center as a portal to the underlying CDN network for our cloud managed services. The technology platform provided is pretty robust and in the last 5 years that we have been with them have had no disruptions or outages at all. The engineering staff is knowledgeable and always partnering in solving new requirements and/or modifications to existing work orders.

Kona Site Defender, Luna Control Center, Security Monitor

WAF Implementation was easy, but be prepared to analyze your traffic!

While we were able to succesfuuly launch the akamai WAF, we had lots of snags that we feel they should have known about from their other customers. We mostly had to use our own knowledge and analysis to figure out if the WAF was okay to impelment. We used their servies to conduct analysis, but we stil lhad to sift through our own data. The tools availble with the Security Center are much better now.

Luna Control Center

Initial implementation was difficult.Once it was up & running ops became less expensive.

Initial implementation was difficult. Once it was up and running operations became less expensive and stable.

Kona Site Defender, Luna Control Center

Implementation was easy

very professional

Fast DNS, Kona Site Defender, Luna Control Center, Other...

Solid vendor support; production administration could be improved

Great experience working with the vendor. Very high touch and available to our needs. However, product configuration required (and still does require) significant manual configuration.

Kona Site Defender

very easy to implement with good support from the PS team.

Very satisfactory working with a team of responsive professionals.