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NetScaler Application Delivery Controller, NetScaler MPX, NetScaler VPX

Technology is rock solid but some configuration learning curve.

The technology and design of the appliance are very good. Setting up and configuring with the Java GUI interface was painful but has since been improved to an HTML5 interface. There is not well built in reporting but Citrix is bringing better reporting tools to external systems such at NetScaler Insight to are no extra charge for base functionality.

NetScaler MPX

Great product, poor & expensive support

Product/technology is sound, but support is very expensive and not worth the $.

NetScaler VPX

Keep Legacy Features

Like their products - They don't do a good job of explaining compatibilty changes with new / legacy versions

NetScaler VPX

Complicated setup but very stable operationally

Product performs as expected, though the interface is a bit confusing to follow and manage. The original implementation with v10 was Java, which looked fine, but was very difficult to get running properly. Version 10.5 switched to HTML5, which is much better visually and from a compatibility perspective. We are using the product to front-end our Citrix Xenapp environment as well as to provide both internal and external GSLB services.

NetScaler SDX

SDX - great hardware but terrible support

Citrix is a complex company. On one hand they have superb hardware and sofware products that users can leverage to provide excellent customer experiance. On the other hand Citrix does not provide adequate support for their products making them difficult to support. Even at Platinum level, their helpdesk does not provide good technical support and will only help with break fix. Citrix consulting can be used to fill this gap, but that is a very expensive solution. We utilize 2 SDX units in an HA pair. To implement we used Citrix consulting to design and preload our SDX units. They failed to do an adequate job and we were force to reconfigure th eunits on our own. Training was never provided as the hours were burning during the failed config attempts.

NetScaler MPX

Citrix Netscaler

Implementation of Netscaler was relatively easy

NetScaler MPX, NetScaler VPX

Implementation was smooth

Satisfied with the entire experience

NetScaler VPX

VPX - solid appliance

Very fast and efficient

NetScaler SDX

Robust product, but support model chnages to be monitored.

The SDX product is very robust but because it is so complex there are elements that are not as mature as others and you need to be aware of that before deciding to implement a service. The vendor support model had changed over the past 2+ years as Citrix has tried to retool their back office and we have certainly felt those changes as the continuity of support has not alway been consistent as it should. However, Citrix has always works hard to meet and exceed customer expectations, sometimes their first line resources struggle to manage us well. Overall I would give the overall expereience a B+

NetScaler MPX

Difficult implementation, but product works perfectly

Initial setup was difficult. Would not of been able to setup without Citrix support. The Citrix team I worked with was very much engaged and willing to assist any way possible. Took several weeks to get it working correctly. Once working, system so far has been working well.