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FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

Implementation is complex and time consuming.

When we started the product was rather new and there were several enhancements they implemented in their firmware regarding our business needs.It was a long time to adopt every application and also the WAF for an optimum implementation.

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

First implementation isn't too complicate. Then you can tune it according your time.

The product has worked as expected. We have learned how our web works and then we improved it with the WAF.

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

Mostly successful implementation of the Fortiweb

The device has met almost all requirements. The only issue that we have found is a limit on a number of interfaces. I was told that the interface limit would be increased in an upcoming release.

Web Application Firewall module on FortiADC

Solid product

Our deployment was relatively simple: Single application, low volume, in reverse proxy mode. We did not use some of the more complex features such as multiple security zones (ADOMs). Positives: - Supports SSL/TLS offload and current standards (TLS1.2) - Lots of options for protecting traffic, rewriting content - Web-based UI eases config & mgmt - CLI follows usual Fortinet scheme, good for scripting tasks - Autolearn mode Negatives: - Permanent requirements for outbound connectivity to Fortinet for licensing (Fortiguard services) need to be better documented - Predefined traffic profiles are nice but don't include their own products - Configuration tuning time/effort can be extensive (though autolearn mode helps a lot)

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall, Web Application Firewall module on FortiADC

strong web / content filtering features

Very reliable, occassional falsh corruption