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Great communication tool

Jabber is a great tool for employees to communicate, regardless of location. It also allows people to be able to use their computer to make and recieve calls.

Cisco WebEx

Consistent & Reliable

The Cisco WebEx environment has been extremely stable for conducting important cross-site business. It allows for enhanced agile workload, screen sharing, and clear communication channel in the cloud.

Cisco WebEx

Solid product, needs additional integration wth other eco-systems

solid product, easy to use

Cisco WebEx

Smooth Easy Implementation of a helpful product

Employees can now work productively and collaboratively. Employees can meet with customers, partners, and colleagues around the country instantly, through any landline or mobile access. They can take faster decisions and improve business processes.

Cisco WebEx

Ease of Use, well known and widely used product made decision easy.

Cisco is great to work with, solid product, very few issues

Cisco WebEx, Jabber

Instant On Implementation with a strong and intuitive interface.

Implementation to end users was relatively seemless. Could have been more end user training but, application is relatively intuitive for end users to pick up.

Cisco WebEx

Very easy to use

Based on my experience, this product is very easy to use. Nice UI and easy to understand

Cisco WebEx

Legacy product that still performs

Very few outages and managed tougher dial in integration with AT&T. Good overall service.


Easy communication that assists in building relationships across the globe.

Implementation was actually quite simple and relatively no major issues with the product.


Unified Communications using Cisco Jabber

Streamlined communications and enhanced productivity by integrating presence, instant messaging and call features