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Lucid Meetings

A browser-based solution that helps to keep meetings on track

Lucid Meetings works well for us.

Lucid Meetings

Make every meeting have an agenda, and get the support you need to get there.

Lucid Meetings has a killer feature in its agenda-focused virtual meetings. Its customer service and support are superb.

Lucid Meetings

Brilliant Blend of Technical and Meeting Acumen

The Lucid Meetings team is very expert in both their technical space, as well as the underlying processes of effective meetings and facilitation. It's this blend of acumen that creates an unparalleled partnership - not just a vendor, but an expert collaborator in serving our customers. This platform is more than meeting technology: it is a paradigm shift in how we interact, how we capture (or write) our meeting history and a powerful means for holding one another accountable.