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Lync Server, Microsoft Skype for Business Server

Getting People to Use it is the hardest part

Sometimes it can be hard to get to the correct person to talk to for support. But after that it went well.

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Easy to install, user friendly application

From the installation and end user support perspective everything has went smoothly

Microsoft Skype for Business Server

Vendor and business partners don't necessarily understand their own product.

Capability gaps that were not disclosed in advance, are architectural in nature so not to be resolved soon, and are key to our business. Too many "surprises" and rework required given the engagement of vendor and 3rd party consultants. (we pay them specifically to avoid these things)

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Better operational efficiencies and communication amongst our offices and fleet of ships

Our company had been using Microsoft Lync prior to moving toward using Skype for business. The IT department was the first to test out Skype for business. Given that we had success in utlitzed all the features that Skype for business has to offer, it was decided to roll it out to the entire company. The main reason for switching from Lync to Skype for business was to ensure greater operational efficiencies across office locations that are typically located in various parts of the world. Skype for business has also help reduce the need for individual WebEx accounts. Overall, we are seeing better video collaboration amongst various office locations. Additionally, we are able to easily communicate with any one of our ships sailing anywhere in the world

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Upgrading from Lotus Sametime to Lync to Skype for Business

Microsoft has always delivered 100% on all our requirements. Collaboration went smoothly and without any major delays.

Microsoft Skype for Business Server

Improved and enhanced meeting capabilities through Skype for Business

The product has served us well. Implementation got a little rough during the telephony phase, but worked out with help from our telephony partners. There are a lot of network and client device gotchas we worked through, but eventually got what we needed

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Implementation was easy, but buggy

It's not too bad. Doesn't come close to gchat.

Microsoft Skype for Business Server

Broad set of features make a compelling product, unfortunately has gaps/issues in solution

Strong early discussions with technical experts encouraged us to leverage their design/architecture services. Once in the engagement, felt the level of technical expertise dropped significantly. The product has a wide breadth of capability which makes it appealing from a high level. Unfortunately, there are many gaps/issues with the solution which present themselves and cause frustration. SfB 2015 Server seems much more stable than Lync 2013, which is a considerable improvement.

Microsoft Skype for Business Server

Easy to deploy internally, documentation on edge configuration can be tricky

Skype for Business is simple to install, provides excellent internal communcation, presentation and desktop sharing.

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Unified Communications - Skype for Business

Great onsite presentations and Q&A, excellent support, smooth transition from old Siemens voicemai system to S4B.