Zoom Video Communication

4.8 out of 5 (80 Ratings)

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Zoom outperforms other platforms in reliability of it's voice and video streaming.

Zoom outperforms other platforms in reliability of it's voice and video streaming. With their solution, for the first time we were able to conduct uninterupted meeting across multiple location with voice and screen sharing.


Zoom really works, everyone who video chats should use it!

Zoom Cloud works well with our company. We offer and schedule video visits for our patients, and I love how easy it is for our patients to connect. Being able to use a mobile device is the best. Most people have some kind of Smartdevice with internet access. Zoom has helped my Telemed department grow with in the the first year we started using it.


Best new service integration we've had

Zoom is the highest rated internal application we have. The team just get zoom and no training was required. Zoom is now essential to the daily running of our business as we work between offices in 4 different timezones and have clients in every continent .


Zoom / RingCentral Meetings are easy to deploy and use

RingCentral rooms is a re-branded ZoomRooms. RC Meetings is rebranded Zoom. For the 95% scenario, the tools have all the features and quality that we need. I don't have a defined 5%, but I believe that given the complexity of Webex and Gotomeetings, they likely have features that Zoom/RingCentral do not have. I haven't yet found them, and they're not important to our user community.


Excellent product, almost zero learning curve for users

Employee training was a little complicated. Phrase from staff was "firehose" experience.



Simple transition with more features and lower cost

It was a pleasure working with Zoom's sales and support throughout our transition process. We're very happy with our decision to switch to Zoom from GoToMeeting, and find the interfaces much more pleasing.


A proven platform that continues to outperform competing SaaS products

Easy to implement and train staff on use, and overall technical support required is very low. The quality of Zoom has allowed us to build relationships with interstate partners and clients in ways we weren't previously able and has been a core element of our recent organizational growth and expansion of remote teams.


Easy Implementation with Low/No Cost

Works well, but free trials limited to 45 minutes. Wanted to have something we could send to our clients without them having to go through a lengthy download and username creation process. Suits our needs currently.


Easy to use

We use Zoom.us for all our administrative meetings and trainings with in our 9 sites. We find it to be very easy to use. The staff and managers love the flexibility and easy access. The ROI is on less travel and more collaboration between departments is amazing!


Zoom implementation response: excellent, simple to use, full featured, cost effective

all contact with Zoom staff was professional and even fun. Very knowledgeable and helpful.