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Acquia Drupal

Good system, challenging to upgrade b/c of customization

The system works well but upgrading from the current version to 8 has been challenging.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 (Headless) Can be your one and only Content Management System

Product is solid and has a great user community for support.

Drupal 8

Implementing the program is very good

Awesome experience with product usage

Acquia Drupal, Drupal 8

Acquia Cloud

Customer service is great. Any time I created a ticket for an issue. It has been addressed within 24 hrs.

Drupal 8

Great Company, Innovative Product, Impressive Support

Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The implementation was smooth and painless, they had a detailed plan to ensure we had our bases covered, and the support after the sale has been among the best of any vendor we work with.

Acquia Drupal

Acquia Drupal Delivers

They delivered on what was asked.

Acquia Drupal

Solid CMS that can be used by all

Acquia is a solid CMS and I recommend it to anyone.

Drupal 8

Acquia Cloud is designed for non-IT content providers to quickly deploy web sites.

Acquia has a very well developed management layer for administering both the platform service and the Drupal CMS. It is designed for non-IT content providers to quickly setup and deploys websites of modest complexity.

Acquia Drupal

Robust open source solution with broad community support

We worked with the community edition of Drupal 7 but used Acquia development tools (available for free) and Acquia's free Drupal training materials.

Drupal 8

D8 is ready for large, complex sites; Acquia is ready to support

D8 is surprisingly mature for a year-old major version. The change in underlying architecture did slow our learning process. Acquia has been a good partner, helping us to resolve technical issues with their infrastructure and with their partners.