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Acquia Drupal, Drupal 8

Great potential, huge upside.

They have a constant dialogue with us on what we need to make our business successful and then work on ways to incorporate it into their roadmap.

Acquia Drupal

Implementation was Easy- recommend!

Describe what has worked well and what hasn't. Acquia Cloud offered a headache free way for us to manage our global website infrastructure. By taking the "server" level functionality out of the equation, we were able to focus on core application development, and the continuous patch and maintenance of the servers was eliminated from our internal team responsibilities.

Drupal 8

Easy implementation at low cost

Easy to implement; met our needs without excessive costs.


Acquia Drupal

Open Source with strong Vendor support

Acquia supported Drupal implementation very well Expertise and knowledge of Drupal Consulting and technical Account Management

Drupal 8

Acquia for Drupal sites was easy.

Customer service and reliability.

Drupal 8

Open source, cost-effective, easy to learn and implement in-house.

easy to adopt. It is open source. We do not need to employ external consultancy services for deploying it. PHP for development is easy to learn.