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Very easy CMS with so many features

Wordpress.org offers a great platform to build website even for non programmers. You can easily start from scratch a build a functioning website in few days. It also lets you use themes, addons, provides statistics for your website. Updates the CMS by itself.


Great flexibility and ease of use for non technical users

Wordpress helped our marketing team have a blog they can own and maintain, while the development team had full control over the theme source and customizations (via GitHub)


Making WordPress manageability more Automattic

Platform is great. May need to identify 3rd party plugins for specific functionality.


Smooth Sailing

Everything with this project has worked well


Very popular, but has hidden costs and gotchas

While wildly popular, the product's featureset isn't all that robust. It clearly has underpinnings of a single-purpose blogging system, with weird API hooks, that has been uncomfortably extended to other uses. Many plugins, each of which need their own vetting, will be needed in typical installations.