4.7 out of 5 (3 Ratings)

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Hippo CMS

Improve the usability and move to a low code model

Hippo is very rich in features and functionalities and close to the best rated products (per analysts). The complexity to adopt the technology seemed to be much lower. The product being Java based worked out great for the developers in our organization. The vendor was always eager to help and solve our implementation problems.

Hippo CMS

Good CMS, just not as mature as we would have liked

We attempted to implement Hippo in an environment using Docker and Kubernetes. We ran into significant issues implementing with this architecture. Unfortunately, it took several weeks of interaction between our staff and the vendor to determine this was not a supported implementation. We had to back off our use of containers and scale vertically.

Hippo CMS

Hippo is a technically advanced product, with a strong feature-set, and excellent support.

Hippo has proven to be a very responsive partner, and the product is everything they had shown during the sales process. They truly are committed to our success as a new partner.