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Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Powerful platform, but customer and technical support left much to be desired

The move to Episerver was not a smooth one. I will note that this was not a full implementation of their CMS, but rather we were former Ektron customers and moved intot he Episerver suite. Their client service, customer support and technical support did not meet our needs.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

CMS could be simpler to use

system doesn't seem as easy to use as other CMS systems


Implementation was hard and long

implementation has some problems due to the CMS company went for a full renovation of staff.


The implementations were easy but still needs to have a better integration for MVC project

The performance of the database, as well as the CMS itself, has improved greatly. Not tied to the CMS in particular, but the dev community on Ektron sites as well as Twitter is great.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

We needed a partner to implement but it has worked out well

We ended up needing to build more customizations than anticipated, but our implementation partner was up to the challenge. Business has been happy with the solution so far.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Good product with a solid partner community but hard to work with for in-house dev. shops

EpiServer is a solid product in the space but requires a bit of technical savvy and customization in order for the implementation to be a success. For us, this was the part of the attraction as the ability to customize appeals us. The strong partner community is a great resource to aid with implementation but involves additional costs. Our biggest point of frustration has been that communication with our EpiServer is extremely limited. They are so focused on their partners that you are almost forced to work with a partner rather than with the company itself. For this reason, the nature of the product seems a bit conflicted. It requires heavy programmatic customization but you are forced to utilize a partner for any help and support you might need.