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Oracle WebCenter Sites

Product with Excellent Functionality

Product has excellent functionality although has some complexity to configure

Oracle WebCenter Sites

Migration and upgrade to the latest OWCS 12G from an existing 11G version is not possible

The tool works for us except that the newer version the Oracle WebCenter Sites 11G cannot be upgraded from the 11g stack, that is a limitation.


Oracle WebCenter Sites

OWCS is a highly mature and extensible platform that is suitable for Content Management applications & Micro Sites with a nicer interface for authoring content. However, the product requires expert knowledge to perform any customizations without making bad decisions.

Our company's Web Delivery (Content Management/Content Serving) platform based upon Oracle WebCenter Sites (OWCS) technology enabled us to quickly create and manage content, implement a modular design for re-usability of components, support customer segment-based targeting while improving the overall customer retention and conversion of site visitors, and enhancing the overall performance of the company website. We were able to achieve the following objectives using the OWCS platform. Increase speed and volume of content produced. Content distribution to various channels without the need to format. Improve traffic acquisition through Editorial content SEO optimization. Integrate content across the company products.