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Percussion CM1

A Solid Product for Multi-faceted Implementation

Percussion management and technical support has been stellar. I have appreciated their proactive approach in product enhancements.

Percussion CM1

More than a vendor with a product, Percussion is a partner.

Our project was a complete overhaul of the university's website. In addition to moving to a new CMS, we implemented a new architecture, repurposed old content and developed new content, and integrated a complete new design. The team at Percussion did a superb job leading our set up of CM1 and content migration. Our 3rd-party partner (not Percussion) responsible for the design and front-end programming fell short on deliverables and missed numerous deadlines. Percussion jumped in and handled the front-end programming and did a fantastic job in helping us make up for lost time and meet our original go-live date.

Percussion CM1

Implementation is easy and support is great!

When I became the Website Coordinator, we did not have a content management system and were trying to teach Dreamweaver to stakeholders who wanted to update their websites. The President also informed me that much of the information was out of date and that Google searches often showed information that was supposedly removed from the site. I knew immediately that a CMS had to be implemented quickly to reign in rogue files as well as giving stakeholders the ability to make minor updates easily and quickly. Selecting Percussion as our CMS gave us the ability to quickly import our current site into a CMS and Percussion’s ease of use led to many contributors being added to the site. Once implemented 1,000’s of updates were made to the site and out of date files removed within months. Shortly after that new templates were easily made and the site was converted to a responsive design. We are currently reworking the site tree and refreshing all content on the site. The Percussion support and design teams have taught us much and we would not have been so nimble without their guidance. Percussion’s ease of use and talented staff have helped us succeed in creating a modern website that is responsive, SEO friendly, ADA compliant and constantly being refreshed.