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WFO suite

Still needs a lot of work to get it up to the standard.

The cloud solution, while relatively stable now, took quite some time to get it to a BAU state. The cloud version of the product felt as those it wasn’t developed adequately before being launched; email and chat functionality limited and lengthy turnarounds times on issues resolution, reporting limited and lacking dynamic capabilities.

WFO suite

Very fast implementation of multiple functionalities, support model lacks maturity.

Entire Contact Center Platform (including WFM) stood up and operational in 7 months which was amazing. Traditionally with on-premise based solutions, just one of the components would have taken that long. Upfront costs were reasonable with payback to a vendor over time through SaaS fees. The platform has been very stable with production issues being rare. Customer Care process lacks maturity and vendor consistently miss their own SLA's. Lack of design documentation of original implementation is now the source of contention when attempting to do root cause analysis on issues. Genesys data model is complex as compared to Avaya.

WFO suite, Other...

Implemented too many products at one time, making implementation a nightmare

The Genesys team seemed a little hesitant or shy is proactively recommending what the business needed to be successful with this product. We did not have the right skill set in place at the time of purchase to adequately convey the company's needs which has caused some heartburn with the product as they were trying to make Genesys function as CIC.