Interactive Intelligence

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Customer Interaction Center (CCI), Other...

Easy implementation with vast product offerings.

Licensing structure is rather confusing and costs prohibitive (bundled license grouping for certain functions/duties would work well to consolidate), customer service is amazing.

Customer Interaction Center (CCI), Other...

Feature Rich

Timely response on tickets; however, many times the response is "known" bug and will be fixed in a future release. However, the bug was not "known" until researching our situations. Easy to maneuver yourself through the system and interfaces which are good because documentation is not sufficient.

Customer Interaction Center (CCI)

Good ACD software, limited advanced functions.

The software performs well as an ACD system, basic data tracker, and basic WFM system. Canned reports are difficult to use, so we have opted to pull data directly from the SQL database for our analytics needs. Add-ons such as voice analytics have not proven to be as valuable as we hoped. Still too limited.