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Effective WFM suite, particularly scheduling, but needs less excess.

ShiftTrack has helped us get our schedules into the hands of our call center staff and managers, allowed us to more effectively forecast intra-day volumes, and helped to streamline the majority of our scheduling needs, i.e. overtime, vacation requests, absenteeism/shrinkage. Because we use are an all Noble shop the integration of their WFM software with the call center administration suite has been fairly seamless. We were able to implement our WFM solution in a relatively short time frame without too much difficulty. The training and implementation team were well versed and helpful in helping us translate what we already did into what their tools could provide us. In general, there haven't been too many major hiccups however that isn't to say there have been none. As they continue to develop and drive innovation there have been times where we have had unintended consequences in rollouts of GA versions of their product. Overall though Noble is receptive and fairly timely in resolving major issues. Bugs and product enhancements are also handled fairly well however our company is always looking to push the boundaries of what our products can do so the speed to market of certain enhancement requests such as, time-off/vacation bidding or different scheduling parameters, don't always come about as quickly as we might hope for. The biggest area for improvement I would have to say though is the out of the box reporting. There are a lot of options, too much, but very little customizability or information of significant value. Overall I would say Noble's ShiftTrack WFM has been of great benefit to us and streamlined a lot of our work but we always want more from the system and greater reliability.

Workforce Optimization product from Noble (Openwave)

Very Delighted Customer.

The entire WFM process from sales through implementation was an easy process and we are delighted to have the product installed.

Workforce Optimization product from Noble (Openwave)

Implementation was complex, with little hands on support from vendor

Functionality is complex and does not integrate well with core system

Workforce Optimization product from Noble (Openwave)

Easy access to technical support made implementation seamless.

Easy access to support made it an easy implementation.