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Verint Workforce Optimization

Delivery of core features was fast paced & effective. Challenges switching to new tech.

Fast paced delivery and expert guidance on the best use of new capabilities. Some challenges understanding the difference/different business outcomes after transitioning across from previous WFM tech

Verint Workforce Optimization

Great to work with, but API maturation is lacking

Their willingness to work with us on our needs that are not out of the box. Aligning our needs to their roadmap. Collaboration between engineering teams. What didn't work...things that should be simple seem to be overly complicated. Having to make multiple API calls to accomplish what should be intuitive shows a lack of maturity in the API space. Lack of a cloud offering is a negative, but a willingness to work with us to get their platform into our cloud was positive.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Easy from start to finish.

Great team to work with for the whole project from the consulting team to the delivery team.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Implementation was not easy but benefits outweigh the issues.

After the initial implementation of the WFM application, we struggled with a lot of issues. We had several integration points that weren't working as designed, and we still struggle with some of those items today. However, we realize that WFM is a very complex arena and there are many moving parts. As for things that work well- the forecasting and scheduling application is easy to work with and brought a lot of value. We use the request management for our staff when they need to request time off. Our frontline staff use the My Time functionality to self-manager their adherence, this has helped us ensure greater compliance with schedules.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Implementation was good.

Good product, other services like Scorecards, WFM App, and Strategic planner cost extra which was disappointing.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Verint was a strong partner with our implementation.

Our experience with Verint has been very positive. They are responsive and have engaged with us in a meaningful, long term relationship. They are always responsive to questions and challenges.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Single solution with multiple features to provide value to contact center and back-office.

The vendor has a partner like a relationship as we grow, evolve and add-on components. We are able to provide feedback on opportunities or challenges and the vendor has always been willing to accept the feedback and evolve a process on the implementation.


Implementation was quick and easy. Issue and problem resolution is an area of opportunity.

Overall, it was a positive experience. They have some very skilled resources, however, you may not get the same person/people for the duration of your project. Although they do a handoff, something gets lost along the way and things generally take longer to investigate and/or resolve.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Implementation was difficult but we've done better.

The implementation of the Verint product was very rocky but things have been better.