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Acquia Cloud

Can't go wrong with Acquia

Support has been great. After vetting a lot of other vendors, we chose Acqiua. We are very satisfied with them and would recommend them if they match your project needs

Acquia Cloud

DevOps all the way!

Excellent sales and technical support

Acquia Cloud

Rolling out Acquia Cloud Site Factory

There professional service helped implement the first phase and role out our first site. Our team's maturity was far behind and the tooling they provided for CI/CD was too complicated for us to get started as this was a big training curve. We had to get them to dial down the process so that it was easu for us to get started.


Generally delivers on the promise of an easy way to deploy hundreds of Drupal sites.

The support, while adequately responsive, isn't really all that helpful. They frequently need to escalate questions and issues that seem like they could be answered with some limited experience and study of the product. Some of the functionality of the product is broken and hasn't been fixed despite being reported some months ago. It's not something that keeps us from using the product in production, but it's not something I expect from a product that has this cost and is meant to be deployed in an enterprise. I think the initial implementation team needs to have better skill. The real experts are frequently too busy or only available via escalation. We've experienced some down time due to some initial launch configuration being incorrect and it taking a while for them to get it fixed. They are fairly open and responsive to feature requests to enhance the system. This really is the only solution available that works the way it does for deploying Drupal sites in this manner and for the most part, it delivers on the promise.