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Atlassian Confluence

Using Confluence like a work place wiki

Our overall experience with the Atlassian was great. They were very flexible with our implementation and made recommendations on how we should customize confluence for our organization. Though it is a social software, we were able to implement it to improve relationships with customers and end-users. It helps in encouraging collaboration within the team and is a centralized repository for our team related activities like weekly team meetings, document sharing, versioning, etc. It acts like a wiki!

JIRA Software

effective communication and collaboration software

Absolutely recommend. There are a lot of benefits of using JIRA. And if you are in software development company, there are a lot of things individuals can do with Jive to stay up-to-date with everything going within organization, be it business daily goals, or other activities that your organization is initiating or participating. You can also address individuals when writing comments, i.e tag them, so they get notified, instead of having to write a separate email asking them to review a specific document.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Confluence is amazing, JIRA is a brick wall when you need a pool of water

Confluence is a fantastic tool for collaborative wiki-based environments. Out of the box, it's extremely easy to create a large collection of spaces with access control. Our users have found it very easy to use and appreciate the power of creating pages on the fly, easily organising them, and the powerful editing tools. JIRA, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. It's a tool designed for individuals interested in an agile-like process, but only if you are interested in their version of that process. By comparison, Rally has done a fantastic job of creating a tool that makes working within Scrum extremely easy, and Microsoft's TFS (on-premise) is a tool designed for people who want a tool do to anything they want if they're willing to take the time to customise it. They need to loosen up JIRA to be a solid competitor in this space.

Atlassian Confluence

Very good tool. Simple to deploy on-prem

Was very easy to get up and running. the hardest part has bee to change the culture within the company to use it instead of, say, Microsoft Office or email

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Easy to deploy and use, would like to see workflows and SSO

The deployment was very easy. The tool is easy to use and has been a hit with our user base. Employees like to use it and it has made locating information easier all around. Our only gripe is that JIRA and BitBucket are not as tightly integrated with Confluence as we would have liked - they are 3 separate applications that seem loosely linked.

Atlassian Confluence

Great Product, Great Service

Excellent customer service, user community, and product quality.

HipChat Server

HipChat, yeah we're down with that

user training has been a breeze and adoption is through the roof. The sheer volume of rooms makes it unwieldy.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

A capable product but choose what functionality you want to use.

* A lot of functionality; able to capture a lot of data. * However, a lot of functionality led to overuse and therefore confusion with captured information. * Minimal support contact with them, wasn't necessary.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Good integrated tools for issue tracking and knowledge base

JIRA provides an ability to edit your comment after its initial submission. If a Confluence page gets updated, you can see that when you return to this page and you have an option to reload a page.

HipChat Server, JIRA Software

Hipchat allows for easy communications at low cost

Hipchat is working very well. Chat rooms are used frequently and it integrates with our overall architecture.