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Atlassian Confluence

relatively ease of use, but requires training to use best

Adoption hurdle (learning how to best use the product) was relatively high. Ease of use/adoption required more training than anticipated and therefore impacted speed of inclusion.

Atlassian Confluence

When you call them - They answer. :)

They have exceptional customer supprt, wich was very important to our small organization. We don't have the IT bandwidth to resolve issues internally.

Atlassian Confluence, HipChat Server, JIRA Software

Product is very good but the search function is very poor

Product is very good but the search function is very poor and organizing the internal structure is a nightmare

Atlassian Confluence

Easy Integration and Rollouts

Easy Integration and Development of WIKI Pages

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Pivoting from large development to platform integration.

Atlassian's Confluence has allowed our customer to share information outside of normal channels, and work collaboratively with a large number of vendors on an integration effort. Our customer is traditionally involved in acquisition of large development efforts, but has pivot'ed in this current project to integrate several existing projects into a new platform. The Atlassian tools are helping in adoption for both our internal customer and external partners, all of whom are entrenched in habits of process common to large development efforts. This is a good step for us in leaning our processes to be successful in an integration effort with tightly managed cost and schedule.

Atlassian Confluence, HipChat Server, JIRA Software

Great tools

Very good experience, we migrated from a very old IBM system. This product has helped us greatly in moving to Agile

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Easy implementation but need help with new & cross product feature integration.

Implementation went well and integration into existing solutions was overall seamless. Roadmap/labs features are readily available however are limited in explanation for holistic integration if using Atlassian suite vs. single products.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software, Other...

Easy implementation, needs training to utilize efficiently

Made sense to select a vendor that provided the appropriate tools to support Lean Agile/DevOps experience. Tools are working as described. Will be contracting for training support. There free Beta training provided the basics. You can get what you need by reading all the tutorials but training is a lot easier.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Implementation and use is intuitive, but still missing key features-such as Roadmap

Transition relatively smooth, migration for prior data was unavailable but the tool providing much collaboration and skills missing earlier.

JIRA Software

Strong, Standard Product

Great product, versatile, relatively easy to set up and use.