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Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Confluence is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage tool for enabling communication throughout

Great tool for collaboration that is very easy to deploy and quick to adopt in the organization. Free licenses available for all non-profit organizations.

Atlassian Confluence

Easy to setup and use. Rapidly built a substantial knowledge-base library.

Atlassian Confluence was easy to implement and is easy to use. It works as-advertised as a place to collaborate and share. It is a cost effective single system of record that replaces other disconnected systems with template-based content.

Atlassian Confluence

Information sharing using confluence

Large forum of users for questions. Atlassian support is very responsive.

Atlassian Confluence

Excellent tool to share info within the team! Knowledge Base and good team collaboration

The depth of tools available is the awesome and great deal of add-ons available for tools from the company we are using.

Atlassian Confluence

Helpful Service That Can Use New Functionality

It's a useful service but I feel it can lack features at times. Sometimes I feel I am using/paying for a glorified version of Google Docs, just one that is easier to access.

HipChat Server

HipChat, more secure than the competition, however far less intuitive, or user friendly.

Not intuitive. Mobile app is useless. Overall product does a poor job of integrating w/ other technologies.

HipChat Server

Hipchat keeps our team connected, no matter where we are.

At first our teams were on separate IM platforms. Now that the whole company has adopted Hipchat, communication has definitely improved. You may want to provide company wide training so that everyone adopts this form of communication. Also, Hipchat won't save your chats unless you upgrade. So important info that needs to be saved has to be moved over to email. I would recommend upgrading.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Tools make it easy to track status of projects and communicate to team members assigned

Could provide an option to upload excel files into table for easier tracking

Atlassian Confluence, HipChat Server, JIRA Software, Other...

Atlassian Suite is easy to please but they need to beef up their cloud offerings...

Their cloud offerings were less ecure and not HIPAA compliant. The Data Center editions are under an opex model which my company did not accept (we're primarly a Capex environment).

Atlassian Confluence

Using Confluence like a work place wiki

Our overall experience with the Atlassian was great. They were very flexible with our implementation and made recommendations on how we should customize confluence for our organization. Though it is a social software, we were able to implement it to improve relationships with customers and end-users. It helps in encouraging collaboration within the team and is a centralized repository for our team related activities like weekly team meetings, document sharing, versioning, etc. It acts like a wiki!