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Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Out of the box solution is too simple. Lots of addons required.

The Atlassian suite of products is vast. We adopted Confluence and JIRA. As we grow, we are looking at other Atlassian products.

HipChat Server

Easy implementation, intuitive on-boarding for end users.

It's a simple intuitive product. It has value as a stand-alone product but is made even better due to the integration with the rest of the Atlassian tool suite.

Atlassian Confluence, HipChat Server, JIRA Software

Easy to implement and use out of the box!

We already had a very positive vision from our development staff. Many of them had used these tools previously.

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Easy to learn and work - simple tool

We use JIRA as our Agile management tool and this integrates really well with JIRA. If pages are not created in a planned manner it can become unmanageable and cannot find what we are really looking for. However, the search really works well.

JIRA Software

Effective tool for Software Project Lifecycle Management

The Collaboration and defect tracking worked very well and Configuration mgt/Version control was not smooth

Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software

Poor Customer Experience

While evaluating the product, I kept getting the "need your payment" email on a daily basis without asking whether or not I like the product. This is poor customer experience.

Atlassian Confluence

Works as advertised, but make sure you have a need in your process.

We decided to give Confluence a shot essentially to take the place of a more traditional BRD. The wiki-style approach is definitely what caught our eye, in addition to the fact that we already use Jira. At first, we found it useful. Definitely easy to use. Over time we realized that, other than at kickoff and discovery phases of the project, the confluence area would largely be abandoned - folks weren't checking it, updating it, or really looking to it as the beacon or central repository that we had hoped. That isn't necessarily a comment on the software itself - it does what it claims to do, and is easy to use. It just didn't make end up making a large impact on our process

Atlassian Confluence

Expanding Confluence to other teams within our organization

My team was one of the first to start adopting Confluence almost 6 years ago. We were involved in the initial testing and setup and help create a lot of the templates and structures needed for other teams to be successful. During the initial setup we referred to a lot of the help guides and online manuals, and then used our knowledge to help train other teams and team members. Since our initial implementation, we have expanded and our Confluence user base by adding other departments and sister brands too. Overall, using Conluence has allowed us to collaborate more effectively and document various processes needed in order for our teams to be successful.

Atlassian Confluence

Implementation was easy for a tech-savvy workforce, searchability is above-par

Our company had previous experience with Atlassian/JIRA,

JIRA Software

Customer Focused Vendor solution

Excellent service and support.