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Google Apps For Education

Smooth Transition from Legacy Systems

Services are excellent. We had a split delivery system for 1 year and everything worked great.

Google Apps For Education,Google Apps for Work

Implementation was easy - all apps are very user friendly, easily accessible, and reliable

Excellent & reliable!

Google Apps For Education

Satisfied with the product.

(1.) Ease of Implementation; (2.)Experienced 3rd party support; (3.)Vendor not willing to modify the contract.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps Works Great -- Integraation with Outlook Not So Much

The implementation of Google Apps for Work has been very successful, with the exception of the integration with Microsoft Outlook. We have run into numerous synchronization problems which have resulted in lost emails, confusion with scheduling, etc. However, when working directly in the Google/Gmail interface, everything works flawlessly. It's only when you bring a third party platform into play do things get a little bit wonky.

Google Apps For Education

Google apps for education is the best

Google was there every step of the way with support. went smoothly

Google Apps For Education

Email migration from Exchange 2007 to Google Apps for Education

Email migration from Exchange 2007 to Google Apps for Education was seen as an overall Suscess and welcomend change.

Google Apps for Work

Implementation was easy. All key functionality requirements available

Google for work works very well for us. In some instances it lacks features Microsoft has but we make due.

Google Apps for Work

Works well given our company needs and size

Other than a consistent ask to have a desktop client for email our adoption of this suite and its integrations to other services has been successful

Google Apps For Education

Solid product with a good set of capabilities, particularly in collaboration tools

Products generally worked well. Gmail as an alternative to our in-house webmail was a big win. Google Drive capabilities were a bit rocky in terms of sharing intranet vs. external users, but that eventually got worked out.

Google Apps for Work

Office"-Like Suite Built From The Ground Up For The Cloud

Google Apps powers our business. We have employees distributed across multiple geographies and time zones. Google Apps makes it easy for everyone to communicate/collaborate across multiple devices. We use different features daily and generally they "just work."