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Plugins very great but the has to be more simple to use

Worked well, but a bit complicated and not so user-friendly and easy to use. But very great with all the plugins to Outlook, Notes, Office and Windows


Connections is powerful but has some significant limitations when compared to Sharepoint

Licensing for sub-capacity was not worth the effort.


IBM Connections is great - the usual business issues around technology and people

In my experience with IBM; I disliked that for one topic very many different people needed to be gathered to get the wanted to results. That in itself can be challenged but if you only find out along the way that you need more people here and there, it can be rather time consuming to update IBMer again and again. In those cases I was missing that knowledge was transferred better internally and proactively. In the past, IBM made a lot of promises around timelines etc. that could not be kept. Though being pressured is one thing, not delivering what is promised always leaves a bad feeling.


Install/configure of on-premises product requires significant vendor support.

Connections is a collection of individual products glued together so there is little consistency between widgets. Wiki implementation is weak. Some security rules are illogical (e.g. my file I've shared previously with a private community can never be shared with a public community). I bought Connections CCM to integrate with IBM FileNet and months of work with IBM concluded it could not be done in an existing FileNet environment. Upgrading Connections is an extremely difficult exercise. My Connections 5.5 upgrade has been in progress for 6+ months. Users need to adapt their behaviors to the software instead of it meeting their expected ways of working so adoption has been slow. Docs is not functional except for basic shared document editing.


Implementation is an evolution of the package and of the user's

Provide your user community to get familiar with the changes. as soon as you see Connections as a package and do not longer ask about the different components' features, you and your users are ready to benefit. This might take longer than expected from other projects (3 or more years). Finally, it is worth to do so.

Connections, Other...

24 months of satisfaction and added value is what I now expect from all vendors

Connections from the IT side is Client self-service. You train the users and they create what the need whether it be a blog, survey, activity, community themselves with little input from IT other than some initial hand-holding. The enterprise saw an almost immediate ROI with internal communities springing up and B2B channels supported by communities that involved our customers and provided accelerated customer support above and beyond what could be achieved by phone and email. The performance of the cloud-based applications was exemplary and we have had no complaints at all in 24 months about performance or user errors. The product was stable and we have post migration very very few instances of user problems that required us to contact IBM for assistance. In 24 months we have had only 10 PMRs and 8 of these were to do with email tracking and only 2 with Connections. Those 10 PMRs were dealt with promptly, efficiently and professionally, I could ask for nothing more.


Great Social platform that is easy to use.

Connections is great for inter office forums and Help desk type work for our large office networks. We have many different offices that connections has made more connected.


Great Sale and Delivery Approach. Poor Installation and Follow-up Practices

Strongly marketed, quickly delivered. Insufficent installation efforts.


IBM Connections

Vendor didn't offer much support. Most of the work done was internal and through 3rd party support.


Strong Collaboration Solution

Although getting started was slow, as is common for all IBM solutions, our experience has be overall positive. I believe the user interface could use some updating. Although it is functional, it is not adequately intuitive. Younger users seem to have much better adoption which could point to a bias towards those familar with social applications.