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IGLOO Software is the choice for Social Business Software

Excellent UI and system design for end user and system administration. I was a Director at at a Pharma company and was engaged by the Pharmaceutical Association client to find/install a collaboration platform to share info across senior executives in the pharmaceutical industry. Looked at over 100 products, narrowed down to 6. This product knocked it out of the park and seamless and quick deployment. Client got excellent feedback after deploying this software. Looking at possibly deploying it at Vanguard. Had detailed discussions on the project with a female Gartner Analyst responsible for Social Software in the workplace. The number of players greatly reduced on the MQ over the years and this product remained. It is not rated highly enough. I have all of my analytical data if you want it. (Small World Labs was #2 and is not on your MQ. Please explore them. The reason we took Small World Labs off of the table was that you need ADMIN Rights to create a file folder. Major miss there.)