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Jive Platform

Very good vision; needs to improve on integrations with other applications/platforms.

Jive does a great job of sharing their vision and in putting end-users first. They do listen to their community and create enhancements that match what the community is wanting. They have also improved their analytics capabilities signficantly over previous versions. They could be more responsive (in terms of time) to open support cases, but we are able to regularly arrive at solutions.


More robust feature set is not the most intuitive nor customizable & performance is slow.

Within the first few months we found 9 product issues and Jive's customer support was less than ideal.

Jive Platform

Jive's lacking support

Jive lacked the customer service needed for a large enterprise, they were unable to deliver capabilities that allowed their software to work in large environments.


Implementation was easy, cultural hurdles significant

assigned a 3rd party implementation partner in lieu of working directly with Jive PS. This added complexity and hteir performance almost derailed implementation.

Jive Platform

Seamless integration for both cloud solution and the hybrid hosted, upgrades are useful

Implementation and integrations were successful within expected timelines. Features worked well for us. Options for cloud based solution for our internal teams, as well as hybrid hosted solution for our customer relations provided us with the flexibilities we needed. We got excellent support from paid technical support team where questions were answered really quick. Helped us get through many hurdles smoothly. Influed their roadmap with promises made, and well achieved as of now.

Jive Platform

Good experience with the product and support

Robust platform, broad and collaborative user community and responsive Jive technical and strategy support - all contirbuted to our decision to build and grow our social business strategy on the Jive platform.

Jive X

Jive has great product depth and is easy to implement.

Great experience, no major issues.


JIVE needs to focus on improving UX/UI for enterprise level deployments

JIVE is a great product but it's overall customer touch points and future endevors lacks focus for enterprise level deployments. I wish JIVE was a better partner and ensured the success of the implementation rather than sell and leave.

Jive Platform, Jive X

Versatile platform, requires comprehensive buy-in from all levels of the organization

Jive is a solid core platform that can be customized to fit your specific use cases and also integrates very well with other systems. It is fairly easy to find external Jive developers (should you need them) and you have a great resource in the Jive user community. Resource allocation from Jive Professional Services could be more timely and responsive though.

Jive Platform

Jive went viral - easy to use, easy to adopt, but not easy to control (so don't try!)

solution rolled out globally in just a few months with excellent adoption. started with a handful of clear business use cases improving specific worklflows and with enthusiastic business champions.... product went viral of its own accord. IT had no real control of the takeup but neither did we need to control it. We steered the 'how to' community for a while but even that was quickly devolved to the business champions.