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Office 365

Powershell is the key when migrating to Office365

The migration from an on-premise Exchange 2010 environment to Office 365 was challenging and we couldn't have done it without a good 3rd Party support team to guide us through the migration. However, when it was all over, we successfully migrated 4000+ accounts with only minor issues. Powershell was a critical skillset as the web management at the time (Spring 2016) was not as fully-featured and oftentimes slower to respond than the powershell prompt.

Office 365, Skype for Business

Implementation went well, with some small problems with specific features

The main deployment was the migration to Office 365 from Office/Exchange 2003 (On premises). Most of the things went well, but we had some issues with shared folders and email accounts. There was a problem with the 3rd party consultant company after the deployment (During post-implementation phase), but things are better now. We are investigation some reports of poor performance, but so far we couldn't determine if they were caused by the Office 365.

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Office 365 streamlines Office and Email applications for all employees

Office 365 is an effective solution - allows you to work well across many machines, and offers rich functionality in familiar applications. We are still learning the potential of all the cloud apps which are part of Office 365.

Office 365, Skype for Business

Office 365 has matured into an effective solution

Microsoft gives away E2 licenses to non-profits, so there was a large incentive to use 365. Most users wanted a local copy of Office applications, the web-based versions can be frustrating to use. Microsoft donated local copies of Office to our organisation, but the local versions are not compatible with the Office 365 versions. So, if you purchased an E3 license, you can use only Office 365 versions of Visio, Project, etc. You can't install local Visio on a computer that has Office 365 installed on it. While we greatly appreciate the fact that Microsoft has donated thousands of dollars of software to us, we can't use any of it due to our Office 365 initiative. The offset for this frustrating situation is that MS gives us a generous discount on Office 365 licenses. From a management point of view, it’s hard to beat using Office 365 when your users are globally situated. It is ideal for a bring-your-own-device environment.

Office 365, Sharepoint, Skype for Business

We Are Very Happy With All Parts Of The Office 365 SharePoint Online & Skype For Business

So far we are very happy with all parts of the Office 365 SharePoint Online and Skype for Business implementation.

Office 365, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Yammer

Implementation was smooth, "Fast Track" support needs help

Some services have been a little underdeveloped as they're deployed. A few areas of the overall platform need more attention for the user interface and functionality.

Office 365

Office 365 has lots to offer but a strong proven third party vendor necessary to navigate.

Lots of guidance provided regarding best practices. Large base of third party vendors to choose from. Tight integration with another piece from the vendor. Vertical stack becoming tighter from desktop to the mobile experience. Support staff didn't always have the answer but were very persistence in driving support case forward. Set up and implementation very complicated and involved.

Office 365

Easy transition for users already accustomed to Office 2016.

This solution addressed several concerns in our current environment. It promotes better integration for work at home users, as well as multi-use lab clients.

Office 365

Implementation is well documented

Product is mature, implementation was smooth.

Office 365

Office 365 fits the bill for small enterprise

There were a few outages during the year, fixed within 4-5 hours. Overall the entire office suite functions as expected and yielded the ROI we were looking for.