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Lync, Skype for Business

great way to communicate with internal staff

This is a good program that always internal staff to communicate efficently. Easy to navigate. Does not have as many options as skype or some other programs but offers basic tools.

Skype for Business

Easy implementation, needs significant improvements with integrations with other vendors

Challenging to integrate with other products for services like voice conferencing

Office 365

It's the same Office your users know, only know it's powered by the cloud

Overall experience was pretty seamless - Microsoft let our client try out O365 with no financial commitment and helped them get accustomed to the differences as they were coming from a mostly Google environment. Time in the demo environment helped socialize the transition internally and drive the change, leading to a faster onboarding experience. After that, all tools integrated easily - everyone's desktop productivity experience in Office now worked with O365 without complaints, so it was overall a success.

Office 365

Easy implementation. Great customer service.

We have had great success with it.


Everything went smoothly and we got what we wanted

MS Exchange 2013 worked perfectly according to our company standards.

Office 2013 Pro Plus, Office 365, Skype for Business, Yammer

O365 is easy to implement good choice for cloud email

Microsoft was great to work with

Office 365

Support from Microsoft team was very good.

Over all good experience.

Lync, Office 2013 Pro Plus, Office 365, Skype for Business

A Great Office Tool for Effective Communication and Collaboration!

Skype for Business is an excellent internal tool for quick chats, meetings, and to share screens and information. Much of the nature of my business is global - with many employees and stakeholders in different offices around the world - so it's easy to use Skype for Business to connect with them. I was an early departmental tester of the software and showed colleagues how to use it.


Office 365

Great Applications and Mobile Experience

Office 365 is a piece of technology that works very well for how we have implemented it. We use a single sign on through Jumpcloud to assign usernames and passwords, and use the 365 admin portal to just hand the user the license. It gets a bit weird when we have someone leave because we have to remember to remove the license, and archive their Office 365 user or we will continue to get charged. There is no automatic integration with Jumpcloud for that, that we have seen. Office works as advertised, there are consistent updates. The online version of the applications is usable and great if you are in a pinch but there are a few deeper features that have been cut. The mobile applications are very useful for viewing and editing documents on the go. We do not use the online storage capabilities as an organization so I cannot comment on that.

Lync, Office 2013 Pro Plus, Office 365, Sharepoint, Skype for Business

Works like a CHARM on Windows however, have a compatibility issue with Linux

All the products in this office suite are just fantastic however, we have seen conversion issues when powerpoint presentations were run in linux box. I understand this is because of compatibility. however, we wish there was a version that has all the features working without any compatibility issue.