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Office 365

Once implemented, it operates smoothly.

This is largely a self-help situation.

Office 365

Management Is Easy But Watch Out For Features And Tenant-Wide Settings

Implementation Microsoft: We used Microsoft Consulting to help us with design decisions and the initial tenant creation. The first engineer who did the assessment and builds documentation was great. The implementation engineer was horrible. When we ran into issues he would simply tell me how to contact support. He scrapped the design document and our implementation went from a hybrid design to a pure cloud design. Only later did we fully understand what that meant: no way to avoid throttling for bulk mail, no way to easily repair mailboxes and much less control over our accounts. As an implementation partner, they were awful. NetMail: These guys were rock stars. They were only responsible for migrating our existing Groupwise email to our new office 365 tenant but they also helped fill the enormous gaps left by Microsoft consulting when it came to tenant design and population even though it was out of scope for them. They were present and helpful throughout the project putting in extended hours and drawing more manpower as needed to help us meet our timelines. I would highly recommend these guys. Management/Going forward Microsoft: The Office 365 tenant has its good and its bad. It is maintenance-free so no more patching servers or running risk assessments. User provisioning and management are very easy with the web portal and our Azure AD Sync tool. The issues are two-fold: 1. We cannot control feature rollouts. Features we do not want to enable get pushed out to us as on by default. For the most part, this is a non-issue for us since we get notifications well in advance with remediation steps from Microsoft. 2. Throttling both on sent email and on PowerShell commands makes large-scale operations tedious, if not impossible. 3. We cannot set tenant-wide settings.

Office 365

Integration with non Microsoft adjunct products difficult.

Overpromised ease of integration with existing product environment

Office 365

Easy to install and use, a little tricky to integrate with my owned domain

Very reliable and in wide use. Ongoing management can be tricky for non-experts.


Installation ok but not yet social

The project included migration of existing environments. Setup of the solution was fast but we had to understand what the functional\business goal is. This has an impact on the design and it is not easy at the beginning to get the right feedback. Many functionalities, focus too much on own products.

Office 365

Challenges over come to deliver improved user capabilities

Complete met requirements of the project.

Office 365

Implementation was easy and vendor support was prompt

Very few problems arose during deployment and vendor provided prompt and professional support to address them through training and support.

Lync,Office 365,Sharepoint,Skype for Business

Successful deployment of MS 365

Support for roll out. Challenge was our internal knowledge of the platform


SharePoint as a Document Management Integration Tool

SharePoint is a great tool as far as a documentation store with easy functionality for user delegation and ownership. There are a variety of apps available within SharePoint, but the overall goal of our organization to have one tool (or multiple that are compatible with each other) for documentation management, ticketing, and project management has proven difficult to implement the integration that we desire. There is also a lack of customization that is fine as far as keeping standardization across the board, but the availability of more flexible options to lock down the customizations would be a huge improvement in this product. In summary, if you are looking for a tool solely to implement for the knowledge base or other documentation library storage, SharePoint is a fantastic tool. If, however, you are looking for a prudent solution for the knowledge base, ticketing, and project management integration, do your research on interoperability with SharePoint and other products first. An all-in-one tool is a lot easier to manage than having to interface multiple applications.

Office 2013 Pro Plus,Office 365,Sharepoint

good product, need more security

Support available, excellent support service. Great products