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Streamlined Approach

Amazing experience! Would recommend to anyone looking to create a better workflow communication streamlines process

Chatter, Community

Implementation was much easy as it comes with out of box Sales and Service cloud package.

Salesforce can improve two things which I came across:- 1. Restrict Documents - This is out of box Salesforce feature. Say user A is on Opportunity record and use 'File' option of Chatter feed to upload a document. Once a document is uploaded user A can see it on Chatter Feed also on Notes and Attachment section. There is no option to share File (as Collaborator or as Owner) with other user or Opportunity owner. When Opportunity Owner or another user who has Opportunity Access tried to modify or delete....they can't do it. We should have shared attachments uploaded using File upload feature. At the same time, Salesforce allows users who have access to the respective record can delete file uploaded using 'Attach' button on Notes and Attachment section. 2.Chatter post restrictions - there should be setup/configuration where system Admin can define users, roles or profiles who can't edit or delete chatter post made on the particular object.


Implementation was easy and provided good opportunities for communication.

I have had success with this vendor because it is widely used amongst our industry professionals.


This is a great took to keep people up to date

Chatter has become a very important tool in the company because here is where we post our updates on tradeshows and other events. Our contributors appreciate how easy they receive information


Chatter is a great!

I think the chatter page could be a litlte bit more eye appealing. It does look a little plane to the naked eye. Being in the chatter everyday, it makes it more appealing if it is somewhere that the eye enjoys. It does need to be a fine line to make sure it is not outworldly but it still needs to be professional.


Easy to use and well-integrated

This product has supported internal communication within our Company by allowing a sharing forum that is not cluttered with unnecessary material.


Easy way to both disseminate and seek critical marketing information with the salesforce

We use Chatter to quickly and easily send out markeing information to our sales force. This includes the avialability of new collateral, new customer testimonials and competitive information. Both Marketing and the salesforce use Chatter to seel information from our community, such as "I need a reference customer that fits this exact criteria" or does anyone have a customer that does x". The software is very easy to use and the results are instantaneous.


Company did not completely embrace the tool.

Our organization is small, so people did not use the tool. They just asked each other or shared information the "old-fashioned way". It would be good to make it easier to search past questions - especially for new hires


Salesforce Chatter is useful but far from a mature product

Salesforce Chatter is easy to use and right before one's eyes when viewing a record, thus encourages participation. It works for an exchange of low-information content messages and short one-to-three message "conversations". It keeps information centralized--ie, within Salesforce--for a given issue or record. That's also a plus. However, it is not quite as quick or adaptable as email, and it discourages the more involved exchanges that are sometimes essential. For example, email text formatting options are superior, and one can typically attach prior emails to a new one. Chatter is lacking in these areas, just to name a couple. Also, while Chatter will auto-email message recipients, the email lacks some essential details that could be automatically provided at least in some cases, such as the Salesforce object and/or record number, or the record's description or title. This would be especially easy to do with Salesforce Case object, for which we use Chatter extensively.


A Secure, Social Media-like Platform for Internal Employee Interaction

Working with Salesforce is always enjoyable. They have superb customer service and knowledgable team members able to help with any and all issues that may arise.