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A Secure, Social Media-like Platform for Internal Employee Interaction

Working with Salesforce is always enjoyable. They have superb customer service and knowledgable team members able to help with any and all issues that may arise.


Great end user experience!!!

Awesome capabilities


Saleforce Community: A Good Place To Start

Detail oriented and wide breadth of subject matter to choose from.


great sales and PSA product



Salesforce is powerful. Learn the force and you will succeed. Test and plan well!

We moved our helpdesk (incident / request) system into salesforce. The experience we had was a somewhat painful as we wanted to get it going on a deadline. We had some major problems with our own adaption of the service versus our client/server helpdesk system. We have yet to move all of our inventory and change management system into salesforce. We use chatter and it's adoption was pushed by leadership. We still use other instant message systems for real time collaboration. Chatter is more of a "mood setting" device. We post messages both personal and enterprise wide on chatter.


Drag and Drop Sales Pitch really needed Coding to make it work.

Overall the first go at the project failed. The second go was more successful but still improving implementing.


Introduced chatter to cut the email clutter

Its a useful technology, takes some getting used to


Implementation was easy, people are trasitioning to Chatter as a platform

Working with 3rd party developers/trainers has been critical


Great collaborative tools, needs better integration

Salesforce Chatter is a great collaboration tool. Our team mostly uses it for sharing and editing of files and general announcements, as well as the polling feature. The lack of integration with JIRA as well as not being able to embed files has been a downside for adoption.


Salesforce had easy implementation & was much more user friendly than Siebel our previous

Salesforce had easy implementation and was much more user-friendly than Siebel our previous software.