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Spigit - A Solid Innovation Tool.

The Spigit staff is very friendly and the training they provided (at their office in San Francisco) was effective. The cloud-based software (SaaS) is expensive but fills a unique niche, allowing you to run fixed duration challenges with various features enabled or not. For example, a challenge might ask employees to submit ideas around a topic, comment and discuss, star vote, pair-wise vote and conduct expert review during different phases of the challenge. The application uses algorithms to graduate the best ideas from one phase to the next and ultimately helps you pick the best one. While it is a solid tool, it needs a good company innovation program and team built around it to be worthwhile. Spigit appears dedicated to making the product better over time.


Spigit is a great tool to help jump start your innovation program.

Spigit has been a great tool to jump start our innovation program. We were looking for a solution that would help start an innovation culture in our company and Spigit met the expectation. We have run many challenges with some ideas been implemented already in our first year of use. The program overall is good, it would be nice for a few feature improvements, such as idea tracking after ideas are collected, but otherwise a great resource. We just renewed our agreement for another year!

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The Spigit team proactively sought to understand and help us with our goals as partners!

While I was not involved in the original vendor selection that led our company to Spigit as a partner for community design and crowdsourcing within our highly operations-based company, we recently did a significant overhaul of the approach and platform with Spigit. Our goal was to increase quality and quantity of the ideas coming in as well as the satisfaction of our employees with the software and process. The Spigit software itself is great - easy to use, intuitive, and allows for a significant amount to be done on our end without requiring Spigit guidance/resources. What was most impressive was the customer service from the Spigit team. When we shared with them our goals, the team jumped in to provide their wealth of knowledge and experience in this space for us. They spent multiple hours talking through options, approaches and making positive recommendations. We also sent someone to be trained by their team so that we could build and operate our site in the way we wanted without depending on their constant support. Results? Huge impact. 10x the amount of ideas, quantifiable improvement on quality and feedback has been really positive.


Easy to post an idea, simple to conduct pairwise voting, but hard to see an idea through.

Easy to post an idea, simple to conduct pairwise voting, but hard to see an idea come to fruition. Notification system is inconsistent at best. There is a strong algorithm for finding existing ideas that are similar to the one you compose, but no real synergy beyond that. Idea graduation, at least in our implementation of Spigit, has always been about metrics above and beyond a conscious review of the idea. Many of the casual users don't utilize the thumbs up/down voting, yet it is needed to progress an idea past incubation stages.


It's ok.

System seems fairly intuitive but I'm not sure how innovative the ideas generated really are. We recently moved to a "stock" model on Spigit which I personally think is too complicated for what we are attempting to do. The rankings of individuals also seems off. They are ranked basically on the amount of time spent using the tool and not as much on the quality of their ideas or reviews.


Good start but needs to utilize more automation capabilities to decrease management demand

The bare bones of the interface have a ton of capabilities. The next step would be to refine the interface to not involve so many hours to manage.


Spigit allows for crowdsourcing to find new ideas!!

Spigit has been extremely helpful in working with us to customize our environment to meet the needs of the business.


The software is great but the professional implementation services were outstanding!

Spigit has a very useful innovation platform. We use it to challenge our employees to bring new ideas to the table and collaborate in a new and exciting way. The ideas gained from Spigit will help us further our innovation program, promote internal discussion on new ideas and decide which ideas provide the best bang for our buck. It's hard in today's business environment to get critical feedback from various functional areas but Spigit's software program encourages this collaboration and promotes an innovative culture within our organization. The professional services provided with implementation were critical to us as well. They helped frame our innovation sessions and provided insight we didn't consider.


Works great, easy to use.

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