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ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.1+, ESXi 6.0

Stable, feature-rich hypervisor with excellent support form the vendor and community

Licensing can get cumbersome, but vSphere is one of the most stable hypervisors in the market. Support from VMware and the community at large is expansive, and documentation is thorough. The solution is robust and feature-rich. Third party support through API and PowerCLI is very strong.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was easy as long as you plan ahead

Implementation was very simple. VMware has done a good job simplifying their vCenter application to a single applaince that is more robust and easy to use. Their support, when needed, was very good. It only took a few minutes to get a high level engineer on the phone and workign on my case

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was fairly easy and they had excellent customer service

Very good

ESXi 5.1+

Implementation was successfully with very little downtime.

VMware is very supportive and provides end to end support.

ESXi 6.0

VMware Came Through

The vendor was responsive in terms of identifying exactly what implementation issues we were having and why especially in terms of identity. The touch was very light - they were involved in less than 5% of the implementation. Once implemented, the vSphere Web Client was much better than the 5.5 version as well.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was very straight forward. Didn't run into many problems.

Vendor was very helpful and they have a great support.

ESXi 6.0

Vmware 6.0 install

Vmware support is quite good although 6.0 was buggy

ESXi 5.1+

Implementation simple - virtualize all you can!

VMWare has significantly improved the structure of our organization as well as ease use of workloads

ESXi 5.1+

Innovative VMWare continues to push the boundaries with its enterprise-grade hypervisor

Overall very impressive, mature and robust enterprise-grade solution. The Web Client has given us some fits, though lately it seems to be fairly reliable. VMWare's SRM and Metro Cluster solutions are impressive, and we have put them to use between our datacenters. VMWare's vROPs and Hyperic monitoring tools are powerful and helpful, though we have had some issues with alerting that were not promptly resolved by VMWare.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was straight forward

Support is always good.