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ESXi 5.1,ESXi 6.0

implementation was OK.

We have no choices

ESXi 6.0

My experience has been great. Product works very well and is very stable.

My experience has been great. Product works very well and is very stable.

ESXi 5.1

VMWare implemented at Ameren

The installation of VMWare went very smoothly. We couldn't be happier with the overall outcome of the project.

ESXi 5.1+,ESXi 6.0

VMware is a key part of our critical infrastructure.

VMware is the industry thought leader on all aspects of virtualization. They practically invented the category. We could not function with our internal systems without VMware.

ESXi 5.1+

Easy, Fast, and Reliable.

VMware is top of the line as far as virtualization of servers. Easy to install, upgrade, and manage. GUI is easy to ready by either Vsphere or Web console.

ESXi 6.0

VMWare remains the industry standard for server virtualization

VMWare 6.0 has been a solid choice for us. We have upgraded our environment from 3.x through each release without issue. We were able to bring up new 6.0 hosts and migrate our old VM's with very little downtime -- in some cases none at all. The hypervisor install is simple and configuration for basic environments is straightforward.

ESXi 6.0

Easy setup

Support and sales team worked together quite well to help me with whatever issues I had. Made deployment and management easy.

ESXi 5.1,ESXi 5.1+,ESXi 6.0

VMware works

Well built solution and helpful support.

ESXi 6.0

Intuitive design and effective management.

Agility, ease of management, recued costs, and faster deplotment.

ESXi 5.1+,ESXi 6.0

Necessary for continued growth, scalability of our internal systems.

Known issues with VMWare on hardware hosts not disclosed caused crashes until firmware was updated