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ESXi 6.0

Implementation was easy, web interface needs work

Extremely disappointed with the web app vcenter 6 has. The idea is great, but the look and feel are not as well developed as the software vsphere client. Espeically on speed / performance. The product just does not work as well as a web app. It needs a lot more development. Outside of that, migrating licenses was not difficult, migrating hosts and vm's required downtime but was not significant or challenging. The hypervisors themselves work great...virtual is a great platform. There are a lot of advantages over Microsoft and even more advantages still over Zen. Great product, great way to consolidate servers and get more performance for your investment. All virtual platforms should improve ROI.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was not easy but rewards are very high.

Building our Internal Cloud has been challenging but rewarding. Our vendor experience was not the best though much of that was due to lack of clear communication on expectations from both sides.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was smooth

No additional comments.

ESXi 6.0, Other...

The migration of VMware ESXi 5.0 to a new Storage Area Network was simple and successful!

VMware has been absolutely fantastic!

ESXi 6.0

VMWare continues to meet our needs

Thrivent has had a very successful experience with using VMWare as our enterprise virtualization vendor. We continue to evaluate alternate solutions, but VMWare is still the product that meets our needs better than all the rest.

ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.1+, ESXi 6.0

Implementation was easy

ESXi/vSphere is incredibly easy to install and manage. Freeing our server environment from being bound to hardware provides increased uptime and greatly reduced hardware related downtime

ESXi 6.0

Full featured product and performs well, but interface needs update to HTML5

VMWare provides a well-engineered product that works as advertised. It has many of the latest festures and provides a lot of business value. However, the vSphere interface has not transitioned to HTML5 and is a bit clunky.

ESXi 6.0

Implementation was easier than expected.

VMware has help us manage our infrastructure in a well efficient way.

ESXi 6.0

VMware continues to deliver quality product with vSphere 6.0 with improvement in upgrades.

VMware vSphere Core has been present at WTW for many years. There is always a bit of a struggle with their X.0 releases, so it makes sense to be behind by a minor release. VMware continues to beef up its vCenter Management architecture for better resilience and scalability. Supplemental add-ons of Operations Manager and Site Recovery Manager continue to work pretty well, however 3rd party vendors can have better architected products with more functionality and less complexity to implement and manage. CMP/HCIS is in the roadmap and we have evaluated numerous vendors. VRA/VRO appears to be the leader in this market.

ESXi 6.0

VMware review

vmware has always been reponsive to our needs