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ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.1+, ESXi 6.0

Straightforward implementation

Minus the SSO implementation the upgrade process was easy.

ESXi 6.0

VMWare 6.0 Install

The VMware Web Client is not very good compared to the regular client. It is slow, not very intuitive. The alerts from the Web Client are not very clear, it's hard to figure out what the actually problems are. I still use the regular client as much as I can, it avoid the Web Client as much as possible.

ESXi 5.1+

It was easy

I like this product as it gives us visibility to the infrastructure and usage.

ESXi 6.0

Easy to implement, solid performance as expected.

We've been using VMware for years, so no real surprises here. If any, VMware continues innovating and adding features that make it easier for administrators to implement and manage the infrastructure. Even for someone who's new to virtualization game the setup gets easier and easier with each version.

ESXi 5.1+

Implementation was easy

Everything works as intended.

ESXi 5.1+

Love VMWare!!

Product and support are tremendous

ESXi 6.0

Easy Management

Good Product & Support

ESXi 6.0

VMware is one of the best proven VM products for enterprises

VMware is a great system and easy to maintain, Vendor support for VMware is amazing. Everything gets resolved quickly

ESXi 6.0

ESXi implementation was easy, but Windows vCenter to VCSA was extremely challenging.

VMware is a clear market leader in terms of enterprise workload virtualization. The product is solid, proven, and almost "set it and forget it." Moving to vSphere and ESXi 6 was a positive continuation of VMware's data center virtualization product.

ESXi 5.1

Implementation was easy but need better phone support for product -

product worked well from first P2V migration - just like the old server itself